Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OH YES, It could be WORSE!!!!

You know when I think about it, it could be worse. MUCH worse. So I'll just go with it. Yeah, I'll just go with it.

I was young once. A teenager. Experimenting with hair styles and colors.... the Grandmother dye job (read Blondie-like stark White with straw-like texture), Sun-In spray-on lightener (read - strawberry blonde AKA Orange!), Ash Blonde (read - lavender-gray). Mom's special hair cuts - short in front, long in back (read - mullet), shag, bob, etc. OH and let's not forget the horrible Toni perms. For those who know me, know that I have a ton of hair. Thin strands, but TONS of them (read - WOW! You have really thick hair! by every hairdresser I've ever seen.)

Visualize this. Hours and hours of rolling. Hair section after hair section on those tiny pink rollers. Hundreds of them, I swear! Only to end up with an awful rats nest of gross curls that would fall out after a few days - except the ends. The last 1/3 right at the ears. They were still there months later - a burnt up, frizzled mess! My hair style was a triangle. YUCK! and DOUBLE YUCK!!

Oh, the next time we'd remedy it by cutting the permed hair into submission (read - an uneven layered mess!) Oh God! As a youngster, I never had nice hair. It was always
a mess. Now as a woman, I rarely do anything with it. Oh, occasionally, I still get the rogue bad hair cut, but I really prefer to have it cut into long layers, with the shortest layer past my ears, so it can just be wash and wear. I don't even like to blow dry it anymore. Only, during the winter, which I hate doing! I love the warm summer months, so I can just wash and go and it keeps me cool.

So back to OH YES, It could be WORSE!!!

Isn't he the cutest kid ever? Just look at those naturally blonde locks!

A.J., being the youngest and last in the house, we tend to let him make choices more than the other boys got to. Maybe we are just older, or maybe we are just tired. Or maybe, we have just seen it all already and know that whatever he does with his hair is just a passing fancy. Maybe a bit of all of the above.

At any rate, he is notorious for having an ever-changing hair style. Props for being SO GQ or HIP or whatever the latest terminology is....but last weekend he announced he needed a hair cut since he is running track and his long locks are getting in his face. Logical. Yes. A.J. mentioned wanting a mohawk. Phillip and I both told him NO.
After much ado, I told him he could get one of those - what I call a "duck-butt". The correct term is a D-A or a Faux-Hawk. Cute guy style.

So, Phillip gave him $$ and dropped him off at the local chop shop and went grocery shopping. Fast-forward......

This is what he came out with.......

Oh my. I think he left out the FAUX when he described the cut to the stylist. Yeah, right. What's done is done. He argued that his hair grows fast, plus he likes it. OK.

So, Monday after track practice, I asked him what comments he had gotten from school - peers and teachers...Of course, NO one poked fun. The girls loved it! The guys thought it was cool. The teachers were even supportive! What ever happened to "Dude, what did you do to your hair??!!!!"

It could be WORSE, I guess. Much worse! There could be drinking, drugs, vandalism. His hair WILL grow back. Plus, as much as he "trades" hair styles every break from school, he'll want something else by Spring Break - AND that's only 2 weeks away.....

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