Monday, March 16, 2009

Aloha - Day 5

Today began with breakfast, of get this - fried SPAM, yes, I said SPAM, and eggs and english muffins. Spam is a big hit around here. I think it is way too salty, but I guess it's supposed to be. Much like fried ham gets. I prefer my ham cold!

Then we were off to the massages. 

OH, MY! Talk about a fish outta water.

This golf club/spa/resort is definately posh. 
I guess I'm just a country girl at heart. 

Happy to be barefoot, digging in the dirt, 
making mud pies and wearing over-alls. 

Guess that's why I've "bonded" so well with the wild chickens around here. 


Anyway, here are a few pics of the place that overlooks the ocean. 
Even the entry way is a huge wall of glass to enjoy the view.

Phillip went to the men's side and "K" and I went to the women's side. Our massages were awesome. A combo Swedish-Lomi Lomi.

"K" and I enjoyed the steam shower a little longer than maybe we should have. Phillip was already waiting for us in the lobby. I don't think he minded though. The view was nice!

Here are a couple of scenic shots....
On the road to ANINI Beach. It is very, very shallow near the shoreline.

We stopped along the way to get a picture of these trees and roots. You'd never see these at home.

The courthouse in Hanalei. Imagine having to go to work here everyday. Rough life.

Across the street from here sits this cool church.

Next to the church, is this soccer field. Just imagine being a kid getting to play ball here, in the shadow of those mountains created so long ago, so violently by mother earth.

This is the little school across the side street from the courthouse. Cute little kids playing on the playground. I didn't take any pictures of them. I didn't want to be thought of as "a creepy tourist". But I thought the sign was cute - a DUCK, not a CHICKEN!!!

Next to the Aloha School, was this old outdoor post office. I love the patina and the rusty-ness of the boxes. Definately NOT the traditional post office. I would give my eye teeth for this display - don't know what on earth I'd do with it, but my mind was a dreaming.... I'd even take the bird's nest.

After that, we went to lunch. I had a really good cheeseburger and salad. Phillip had a HUGE meatloaf platter with yummy mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and a salad. It was the biggest meatloaf slices I've ever seen. He couldn't even eat all of it! So, I helped! WHAT DIET??? I'm on vacation!!!

Recap: Breakfast. Massages. Steam Shower. Lunch. We were beat! So, we spent the whole day at the cottage and the grounds. Rough life, I know, but rarely does my husband really, really relax. He even lounged in the hammock for over an hour!!! The man NEVER naps! I can count on one hand how many times I've seen him nap.

After naps and lounging, we did some arts and crafts.

There are these walnut-sized nuts at the tree-line right where the grass stops and the beach starts. (No, I'm not talking about us. YES, we are nuts, but....) Here is what we did with a few of those nuts...






Our "naked" neighbor must have left last night, because except for the handyman/maintenance/gardener guy, we are the only ones on the property. Oh yeah, and these girls....

Actually, there are a couple of roosters too - they make sure we know what morning is around here.

Later in the afternoon, we did some more beach combing looking for hearts and other neat things.


Open your mind. Use your imagination. Be a kid again and see shapes in the clouds....




Here are today's hearts.

And this is a dog. NO really! A REAL DOG! His master, a surfer, set down his towel on the beach and went surfing. His dog - this dog, sat there for who knows how long just waiting for him to return. We talked to the dog and he only turned his head. What an amazingly patient dog!!!

Phillip found this heart. It was 3/4 of the way buried in the sand. He just had a feeling and sure enough, it was the best heart yet! He gave me his heart once again.

We took "our" heart and gave it back to the sea....

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