Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sailing Through September

As some of you may know, I was in California all last week with Phillip. A quick trip down to work a bit in the park on some enhancements. My first time "behind the scenes" after hours. Quite different than a "day at the Happiest Place on Earth" during the day.

So quiet. And, well, kind of surreal, actually, being able to drive our daily driver car onto the streets...who knew? Duh, how else do things get done in the night? Magic? I guess I just never thought much about THAT part.

We played a bit, shopping and visiting with our friends.

We laughed that it was raining in CA..seems we always get rained on in CA.

We drove through the smoke-zones...been doing that a lot lately, it seems. Smoke in Central Oregon. Smoke here at home.  Smoke in No. CA...My heart goes out to all those firefighters.

We woke up to a smoke alarm in the hotel...strike that! We woke up to the maintenance personnel removing tile in the room right next door to our room...As we were about to leave, the smoke alarm started wailing away...we grabbed our things and when we opened the door, the hallway was full of smoke... GREAT! MORE SMOKE! But not fire smoke...soldering smoke...lots of it! Obviously they were working on the


While we were on the road, my blog friend, Angie, of Hopemore Studio blogged about some little sailboats she created... and gave me a shout-out of thanks for advice and ideas... BUT don't let her fool you, she is a woman of many talents!!!

A couple of months ago, she surprised me with the most darling little boat...

complete with a Rand McNally map section of Grants Pass, Oregon...Josephine County.
Using this map, I can almost see my house!

The little guy in the boat, is adorable. I saw him a few years ago in a Stampington publication and have loved him ever since...How intuitive Angie was to select him for my boat! He's a bit upside-down in this photo, but who hasn't had one of those days??? (I raise my hand Monday after being gone for a week?)

Any way, back to Angie...she has an Etsy Shop where she sells her adorable creations...her polymer slides are gorgeous!!! The perfect amount of vintage!

I just love blogging for fun! I have met some very creative and fun women via blogging. And always enjoy exchanging little "gifts" back and forth... Thanks, Angie!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To Light...

Sharing and remembering 9.11.2001.

Join me in lighting a candle in remembrance of all those that lost their lives so suddenly on that tragic day; and another in honor of the Heroes and Heroines who were first on-scene, giving themselves so selflessly.

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