Thursday, February 7, 2013

FEB 6th!

Photo from our 25th Anniversary party in 2010

Phillip and I rarely celebrate Valentine's Day with the normal gusto. We decided long ago that we wouldn't put that much stock in one day a year. That's not to say that we've NEVER celebrated V-Day. Phillip surprised me with beautiful diamond earrings one year, that I cannot find....I've looked everywhere!!! Either they were stolen, vacuumed up, or the diamond fairy took them back in the middle of the night. Who knows...

All I know, is that every time I think about it, I get mixed emotions of bummed and pissed off. What wife LOSES diamonds?!!! He is bummed too, but doesn't show any outward signs of pissed off. He even trusted me with
another set for my birthday last year....What a guy!
THIS is an excerpt from my blog post from Feb 6, 2010.

You see, I lost my 2002 Valentine's earrings. My gorgeous, brilliant cut diamonds set in white gold. I still feel HORRIBLE!!!

Well, after all these years, I still mope that I cannot find them. The only thing I recall is when we were in Maui, I took them off, linked them together and put them in a "bag" before we went snorkeling. My coin purse? My toiletry bag? I just don't remember!!!

Fast-forward to last night...Feb 6, 2013. I was feeling a bit of a scratchy throat and went to the hallway cabinet to see if we had any throat lozenges. I rifled through the baskets and in the very back of the cabinet, there was a gallon sized Ziplock bag. I grabbed it and held it up to the light to see what was in it. It had Q-tips, a travel razor, some other misc things...and in one of the corners, down at the VERY bottom...


SERIOUSLY!!!! There they were!!! They've been in there since 2007!!! In a freaking ZIP LOCK BAG!!!

I feel silly...but I'm still doing the HAPPY DANCE!


Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Ditty....

Janice, Kathy, and I road-tripped up to Portland this last weekend. We met up with Christina Kuntz of Art Circus/Mack & Momma.  (she has an awesome studio, btw! Thanks, Christina for a fun night of flower making and treasure hunting!)

The weather was gorgeous. A bit brisk, but sunny. We walked around a little to a few of the boutiques in the area. Christina knows EVERY ONE!!!
Christina, Kathy, Janice

We ended up back at the cars at the McMennamin's Kennedy School (SO MUCH FUN!). She had "assigned" us each a seat with doll heads! (inside joke of Kathy not liking dolls - and Christina and I joking on Facebook, pre-trip, about finding and fighting over them! Parts is parts, right?)

Janice's mascot had red hair. Kathy's blonde. And mine brunette.
She drove us all around, introduced us to a ton of vendors and boutique owners, gifted us with AWESOME gift bags chock-full of bottled water, energy bars, candy, Mardi Gras masks, bead necklaces, stamps, and a bit of other sweet findings.

Christina introduced Kathy, Janice and I to the Goodwill Outlet Store "bins".
Can I just say? The "bins" have ruined the three of us for regular thrift store shopping!

It's like an ever-replenishing yard sale in one location!

There apparently are THREE in the Portland area. We went to TWO of them...I don't think we could have fit a THIRD visit into Janice's "toaster"... her Scion.

blurry photo of the 3/4 back seat...Kathy was squeezed into the other 1/4 side behind Janice driving
The "bins" are sold by the pound. Can you imagine? We all went a little crazy for the fabric.
I found an awesome rag rug.
21 pounds @ .89/lb. Yeah, do the math!
It will be perfect in the studio.
It was SO big and heavy, but folded up nicely under my feet on the floorboard.
I can't stop thinking about the "bins"... I think it's a good idea they are 5 hours away!!!
I would be ADDICTED!!! So much so, I've made up a little ditty in their honor....
I'm a little goofy that way...guess you had to be there! lol


(to the tune of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love)

You see the signs, and you re-read

It's by the pound, how can that be?

So many bins, you can't be saved

All those piles, of things you crave.

Now you're movin', at top speed

Get it quick, before it leaves.

Another pile, another heap.

There's no doubt, you're in deep.

Oh, there's a smell

But what the hell.

Your cart is full

You tip the scale.

Whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff, oh yeah

It's such an awful truth to say you can't get enough

You're gonna have to face it your addicted to BINS!

You might as well face it, your addicted to BINS!

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