Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Which Cloud Is Cloud Nine????

Wow! I haven't blogged for almost a month. Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Well, the one-word explanation is....BUSY. But the other reason for my hiatus is that my Internet Security software expired and I was afraid to get online with my laptop. Yes, I have a computer at work, but ....refer to the one-word explanation above....

Any who, when I finally did go online to renew my software, it was MORE expensive to renew as an existing customer than it was to order NEW software online at Amazon. Go figure! I never really understood the whole, "become a NEW customer and we'll bend over backwards for you, but be an EXISTING customer and we'll charge you more!" 

It's happened with the satellite t.v. system, with the XM Radio service, with the internet provider. Cancel once you're out of contract, and ALL OF A SUDDEN - WHAM, BAM - the rate goes down!!! But, be an on-time paying customer for years and years, and they just keep charging you top-dollar. What gives?

Promotional rates? I understand that, but maybe a gimme every once in a while as a thank you would be nice.

So, now that my laptop is protected from all the dangers (or at least that's what I'm left to believe!) of the internet germs, I'm back to putting words on the screen.

Busy = a bunch of really fun projects aka. work with deadlines, schedules, paperwork, phone conferences, a bunch of running around; in escrow on a soon-to-be-new-to-us very old, building for our business (talk about re-purposing); meetings with the attorney to form a new LLC with our new real-estate partners; cooking, cleaning, doing the household chores....the list goes on and on....as usual.....

Life is good!!!

Life today is good. I got an email this morning that one of my projects is being featured in the August issue of Somerset Home. Whoo Hooo! I was just bursting with excitement. I've never been published before. That was a fun email to get while I was home today cleaning the kitchen.

Then, if that wasn't enough - and trust me, it was! I got an email this afternoon informing me that another one of my projects was going to be in the same magazine. I only submitted two things for consideration, months ago, and I'm two for two! I'm really on cloud nine!!! 
Now, I just need to figure out what to write to go with the photos.....I can babble on for days, but public speaking isn't really my thing......

So now, I'm off to artistic dream-land....
Nitey Nite!

*** The artist's pallet, paint tubes, and the brushes above are all fake. 
They are props for a project we did a while back. Too much fun!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, as done as time allowed!

Welcome to our guest room.

A new queen size mattress. 

An old box spring. 

New bedding.

A thrifted head-board 
(given more time, it would be painted white - that's for another day)

A thrifted dresser and nightstand.
(will also get the white treatment with galvanized tops)

An old floor lamp. 

A thrifted basket.

Curtains from our house up in Washington.
(see, it does pay to be a pack rat; they are freshly wrinkled/folded 
from a box in the basement; no time to iron)

Closet doors, cut short to fit over the new carpet. 
(Paint them white or chalkboard? They will not be staying brown either )

New door.
(Will get painted white)

New electrical hardware throughout. White paddle switch. White plugs and outlet covers.
New white ceiling fan with light. New smoke detector.
(Thanks, Honey!)

Now, I'm off to enjoy the Academy Awards!!!!
*** there's new sand-colored carpet too, I just didn't take a photo...AND there's nothing 
on the walls yet, but I have plans for after-after.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Little Bananas....

* photo: fake banana bunch and a lone real banana. 
For "King of the Apes" aka: Tarzan, Treehouse in Hong Kong for a large
theme park where a certain mouse and his friends might be spotted playing....

I'm at work today. My day job. Trying to work Full Days Tues and Thurs for a bit,
so I can get our home life in order. Striving to be a better wife, homemaker, mother, cook,
housekeeper, business partner, organizer, construction foreman woman, gardener, employer,
crafter. (yeah, it's a tall order, but I am optimistic.)

So, as a launch to my new self/schedule, in addition to all that is happening at our house, 
today I'm moving my office!!!

For the last five or so years, I've been working in the office below Phillips office.

A few months ago, I took apart my really nice maple-topped desk (bought 2nd hand, of course,
from an office supply re-seller) so I could re-finish the tops and paint the filing cabinet/drawer
bases bright white. Thus, I have been working at two folding tables for a bit 
(they are actually quite functional, given the circumstances).

At any rate, we've hired a long-time friend to head up our design/engineering department (our 
impending house guest - until his family can move up in June). He will occupy my soon-to-be
former office space. My office will be on the other side of the wall.

So, I'm on the move......



Dreaming of a break.... 
and maybe some snacks.
* photo: Templeton the Rat from our rendition of Charlotte's Web.
(An E.B.Effects street display project, Bear Fest, we did back in 2005
sponsored by Evergreen Bank - a local "artsy" bank)

Classic N and N's. 
That's how the little kids say it! 
Plus, no copyright infringement here!

Lil Miss Charlotte in all her glory.

Have you ever seen a cuter piglet? 
Complete in a burlap snuggie.

Just look at those big baby blues.

Some BEAR!!!

Credits: Phillip and Tina Schiefer, Erik Pollard, Alan Jergens
concept, sculpting, fabrication, scenic

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting It Done!!!

AND using the RIGHT tools....

For if you don't use the RIGHT tools, you WILL BE SORRY!!!

All these years, I've been using the WRONG tools.....!

Pictured here, is a GOOD quality roller from Ace Hardware. Premier brand. 
Not a cheapy, dollar store brand.
 This is after ONE use!!! Mid-way through it's first rinsing.

This is the rinsing.
See how much paint still is in the nap? After at least 10 minutes of rinsing! That paint just keeps
leaching and leaching and leaching out of this thing!!!
This is the nap that comes off the roller.
This is the nap that comes off the roller and onto the wall that has to be picked out of the paint!
This is what throwing away money looks like!!! 
(no comments from the Peanut-Gallery about the dietary evidence....Subway, Spaghettios, Take-Out leftovers, Hot Chocolate..Pepperoni.....There is a Calm tea package in there!!!
We've been busy, you know!)

This is my new best friend.
I will NEVER paint with another roller again!
The Teflon coating REALLY DOES clean up faster AND the paint goes on the wall from this roller
like butter cream. I suggest you go and throw away every roller in your house, RIGHT NOW, and
stock up. Phillip just bought me several from Lowe's, so I will never have to do without....

I am in love with a paint roller! Just like I am in love with my Dyson vacuum.

I just am.

This is the paint roller after about 3 minutes of rinsing. No nap. No leaching paint. No kidding!
Unlike most rollers, too, this one snaps into an adjustable angled paint shield. How nice is that?
Also, the roller part is centered so the wall doesn't get scraped, like the traditional single-sided
roller handles. And, maybe, because it's centered, it's less awkward to hold.

Plus, the paint just glides off the roller. No more pushing and trying to get the paint to come off
the roller, onto the wall, evenly. 

I've done a lot of wall painting. I love to paint. And this just got even better.

(Attn: Peanut Gallery....Yes, that is a spoon in my sink. 
It put the instant coffee in my hot chocolate this morning)

While I'm on the subject, I've shared this before, but my all-time favorite paint brush is
Purdy brand. Yeah, they cost more, but they make painting a breeze compared to the
cheap-o one's and they last F O R E V E R....trust me. Use the angled one for trim and the
squared-off one for flats!

Walls. Done!

What color, you ask?
Well, let me share.
For those who know me real well, you know I love COLOR on my walls.
My house isn't an open floor plan, so every room can be a little or a lot
different. I'm only keeping the trim a creamy white in every room.

I've got numerous shades of yellow. Green. Red. Brown. Tan. Taupe. 
You get the picture...

But, for this little guest room, it's just under 9 x 12, I decided to keep it simple and cozy.

It is a North facing room. Backs up to the mountain, so it doesn't get too much sunshine.

I used Wal Mart's Color Place paint. It was very affordable and since it's a guest room, I figured 
I didn't need to go expensive, like in the kitchen and bathrooms! 

I like the look of flat paint, but it's not easily scrubbed. So, I went with a Satin finish. 
All the trim will be creamy white Gloss.

The accent wall is...
Walnut Wash. Kind of a Sand/Taupe color. Not too dark. Not too yellow. Not too gray.

I chose the color for the other three walls from the same sample strip as the Walnut Wash.
It was the lightest in the row. Walnut was the darkest.

Looked good on the sample, but when it was on the wall, it looked too peach. 
So I was going to drive into the Wal Mart - 16 mile round trip - last night. Then Janice called me. She
was still in town working late and offered to go for me. What a FRIEND!!!

Even more so...because... even though SOFT WHITE is a standard canned color, they were out!
Luckily, I had the color sample with the formula. She took the time to get it custom mixed for me
AND then drive it all the way to my house!!!

Janice....if you are reading this....

THANK YOU!!! I SO OWE YOU (and not just for the cost of the paint!)

So, there you have it.

Buy Shurline by Rubbermaid rollers with Teflon.
Buy Purdy brushes.

Get yourself a friend like Janice.

Carpet gets installed tomorrow. 

I have all the trim. Just need to measure, cut, prime, paint, and install. 

Move all the furniture back in. 

Buy a queen sized mattress.

Decorate. A little. 

I won't go overboard right now. When our guest leaves, I have more plans....! 

paint the headboard creamy white
paint the dresser and nightstand creamy white
paint the closet doors chalkboard
install crown molding
decorate a little more


 curl up with a book 
take a nap

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