Saturday, March 26, 2011

Celebrate America!!! Home Decor Swap

Update: Looking for at least THREE (3) more players...

1. Me
2. Janice
3. Ginger
4. you're Next....
5. ...and you too....
6. ...this swap wouldn't be the same without you, as well...
7, 8, 9, 10, 11....  REALLY...the more the merrier....Comment below to join the fun....once the swap items are posted, you'll be sorry you didn't join up...NO matter how many only need to make six items and you'll get SIX back...
As I sit here on this Saturday, thinking about my son, Kyle, and my cousins, Chadd & Aundrea, and friends, and friends-of-friends who are currently serving their country and NOT at home with their families, I began to visualize the house decorated in shades of RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

Vibrant or muted. 

I love both!!!

All in honor of our country and the freedoms we have.

Sure times are tough for many in our country right now. 
Homes being lost. Unemployment at the highest it's been in a long time. 
School budgets being cut. 


we need to stay positive, regardless of our political or religious views.

Our ancestors fought hard to make America a free country and even though we still fight for many rights and against unfair issues, we need to keep the colors flying.

In honor of our Heroes, near and far, present and past, 
let's honor them with a 
Celebrate America 
Home Decor Swap

The rules are simple.

Grab the Button on the Right...I know, it's HUGE!!! It should be...
It's our COLORS!!!! Fly them proudly!!!!

It is open to any and all designers, crafters, and artists who wish to create and 
share with others in the swap group. 

Each participant will make 6 home decor theme-related items. 

Stick with your favorite medium - be it fabric, wood, clay, paper arts or try something new...Just have fun with it.  

Use your imagination and let the creativity flow, just, please use quality items in your creations, so everyone will be proud to display them for years to come. 

There is nothing more disappointing, than spending days or weeks on a project and getting a folded paper and pipe cleaner menagerie that took 5 minutes to make in return. 
Sorry, but it had to be said! 

If more than 6 swappers choose to participate, the items will be randomly sorted and equally dispersed so everyone will receive 6 items in return for their 6 items sent. I am choosing to keep the item number low so the quality can be higher.

Feel free to make 6 identical items or 6 unique creations. The choice is yours!!!

Please email me (it's on my profile) and/or leave a comment so we can exchange mailing information in a private manner. 

You pay the postage to get it to me and I'll pay the postage back to you.

Once you receive your items, please post your creations and those you've received. I will link up all participants blogs so you can share and peek at what everyone else received too! 

Please ship to me by June 1, 2011 - please, NO exceptions. If you sign up and absolutely MUST bow-out, I understand, but please just let me know, so another swapper doesn't become the odd-man-out. That ruins the fun!

I'm starting this swap early, because I know how time flies the older you get, and want to make sure everyone has time to squeeze this one into their busy, busy lives...Lots of Holidays between now and then, Graduation Parties to plan, Summer vacations, June Weddings...see what I mean? 

June 1 will be here before we know it!!

Plus, that will give me time to turn them around and everyone will be able to decorate for the 4th of July...

 So, sign up and get to creating.....


JANICE said...

hi Tina, count me in....I will get my mind a thinkin ......looking forward to my first swap!!! Janicer

Tina Schiefer said...

Hey, Janice, thanks for playing along! Our houses will look fabulous come July 4th!!!

Can't wait to see everyone's creations!

Ginger said...

Tina, I already have an idea. This will be my first swap. Excited. Looking forward to it all!

Tina Schiefer said...

Ginger!!! Yay!!! Glad you are playing along too!!! This should be and Janice both have great ideas!!!

Now we just need at least THREE more players...

Barbara Jean said...

I'm sorry to say I cannot play as I am in over my head with life already.
But, I do think it is a wonderful idea! and know you will have to support you need.

blessings friend


Tina Schiefer said...

Ohhhh :-( Barbara, you would've shared such great creations too, I just know it!!! But, I know how being steam-rollered by life is...

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