Monday, December 31, 2012

...and 2012 comes to a close....

I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to 2012.

Many great things happened this year.

 - Phillip and I closed escrow on our dream studio/shop for E.B. Effects. Who would have thought back in 1988, from an apt rental, shared-garage doing a little side gig for a tradeshow booth, would have planted the seeds of success? We've watered and weeded and fertilized and grown a REAL business. But, know, we've thrown away our failed attempts too! The bug infested beauties and those that did not thrive in the soil we prepared so lovingly, but here we are embarking on 2013 with a lot of new and exciting adventures awaiting us and our team!

- We flew first class together for the first time EVER to Maui last summer! It was heaven! Who knew?

- I went to a handful of crafting events with friends...shared a lot of laughs and ate a lot of great food..and even got stuck in a MAJOR rainstorm, complete with HAIL!

- Completed SEVERAL awesome projects for the Disney theme parks worldwide.

- Did a few more home improvement projects around the house...and we hope to continue building this HOME of ours...our family is growing by leaps and bounds!

- Met a few gals I'm proud to call FRIENDS! You know who you are!!! Thanks for the friendships, lending an ear to listen to me complain, and CHEERS to the NEW YEAR and the upcoming adventures we'll have. THANK YOU ALL...for ALL the support and the many gifts you bestowed upon me.

- With much hard work...long hours...and many sacrifices...sleepless nights...and a bit of stress, we achieved a bit of financial freedom this year....and it feels GREAT! (this isn't here to's only here so I can remember and never forget it! It's SO easy to run up credit cards, car loans, etc.. AND SO HARD to knuckle down and be diligent and not try to keep up with the Jones' via credit!)

- Our baby boy graduated high school with this sweetheart by his side. They moved out on their own...and now we are officially empty-nesters!

- Our oldest turned 25! TWENTY-FIVE!!!! WOW! And on Christmas Eve got engaged!

- Our middle got married and is expecting our first GRAND BABY!!! GRAND BABY GIRL!!! I only feel can that be?

- I officially hired a bookkeeper! That's a big deal for me...but it will free up SO much time for other creative endeavors...Rusty Monkey still lives...Goals take time....and I want it done right, so I don't want to rush it!

- We entertained more this year than we ever have!!! BBQ's at work..Hot Dog Fridays...Halloween Party...Thanksgiving...Christmas Eve...

- This year these empty-nesters are spending a quiet night home alone!

(Beautiful vintage ornament hot air balloon created for me by my blog friend,
Angie Blasingame of Hopemore Studio)

Cheers to a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2013!!! Up, up and away!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm SO excited!!!

I'm a Top 12 Finalist in the Spellbinders Paper Arts Explore Beyond Craft to Win Contest...Mixed Media category...

There were SO many entries and SO much talent, I am completely blown away...and honored!!!

Click on the link to go see all the finalists!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monday 12/26, I mean Wednesday 12/26!!!

Feels like a MONDAY!!!

So...where do I even start? This last 1/4 of 2012 has almost given me a heart attack!!! (not really, but I've definitely had my share of emotion!)

Kyle announces Yosi's pregnancy on 10/20.

Grandbaby gender revealed on 11/24. It's a GIRL!!!

Blankets made for Ty and Kyle 12/01 & 12/02.

Ty's from guitar print, blue, gray, red fleece.

Kyle's from flannel and a bunch of his teen t-shirts!

Guest room over-haul ... a whirlwind of painting, drapes, mini blind, bedding, carpet, etc....12/10 & 12/11.

Ty's 25th birthday 12/14.

Kyle and Yosi come home for the holidays 12/18.

Kyle and Yosi get married on 12/21.
Phillip, Kyle, Yosi, Me
Ty, Kyle, A.J.

Spellbinders contest project entry made on 12/22.

Folly - a gypsy parasol assemblage

Baby shower on 12/23.

Kyra, Me, Yosi, Kristen, Kristin, Janice, Ginger

Ty's Christmas Eve proposal on 12/24.

Congratulations! Ty and Jania....

Of course the mama was happy and cried!

...and she cried again when Ty presented Yosi with a glass candle holder puzzle piece to welcome her to our family puzzle....

...and she cried again when Ty presented Jania with a glass puzzle piece too! Right at that moment, I just knew a proposal was coming.

(Ty bought us each a puzzle piece last Christmas, so all five of our family members would always be together, no matter where we were in the world!)

Annual Christmas movie with the family on 12/25.

...and she welled up again when A.J. said to me yesterday in the theater that he and Kyra are next!!!
Great Aunt Janice, Kyra, and A.J.

Oh man!!! So much for the three years apart rule of thumb!!!

I'm exhausted!

I'm happy!

I'm ready for the NEW YEAR!!!

2013 will be another crazy year full of surprises, I'm sure....

There will be Mrs. Schiefer's almost EVERYWHERE you look!!! lol

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

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