Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monday 12/26, I mean Wednesday 12/26!!!

Feels like a MONDAY!!!

So...where do I even start? This last 1/4 of 2012 has almost given me a heart attack!!! (not really, but I've definitely had my share of emotion!)

Kyle announces Yosi's pregnancy on 10/20.

Grandbaby gender revealed on 11/24. It's a GIRL!!!

Blankets made for Ty and Kyle 12/01 & 12/02.

Ty's from guitar print, blue, gray, red fleece.

Kyle's from flannel and a bunch of his teen t-shirts!

Guest room over-haul ... a whirlwind of painting, drapes, mini blind, bedding, carpet, etc....12/10 & 12/11.

Ty's 25th birthday 12/14.

Kyle and Yosi come home for the holidays 12/18.

Kyle and Yosi get married on 12/21.
Phillip, Kyle, Yosi, Me
Ty, Kyle, A.J.

Spellbinders contest project entry made on 12/22.

Folly - a gypsy parasol assemblage

Baby shower on 12/23.

Kyra, Me, Yosi, Kristen, Kristin, Janice, Ginger

Ty's Christmas Eve proposal on 12/24.

Congratulations! Ty and Jania....

Of course the mama was happy and cried!

...and she cried again when Ty presented Yosi with a glass candle holder puzzle piece to welcome her to our family puzzle....

...and she cried again when Ty presented Jania with a glass puzzle piece too! Right at that moment, I just knew a proposal was coming.

(Ty bought us each a puzzle piece last Christmas, so all five of our family members would always be together, no matter where we were in the world!)

Annual Christmas movie with the family on 12/25.

...and she welled up again when A.J. said to me yesterday in the theater that he and Kyra are next!!!
Great Aunt Janice, Kyra, and A.J.

Oh man!!! So much for the three years apart rule of thumb!!!

I'm exhausted!

I'm happy!

I'm ready for the NEW YEAR!!!

2013 will be another crazy year full of surprises, I'm sure....

There will be Mrs. Schiefer's almost EVERYWHERE you look!!! lol

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

1 comment:

Hopemore Studio said...

This is all so exciting. What a whirlwind!!! Yosi is adorable, Jania too. Proud mamma for sure. Those puzzle pieces are fantastic, so sweet.

I can't wait to see what 2013 holds.

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