Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogging...More or Less...

You would think this time of year, there would be a ton of things to blog about. 
And really there is, but I am almost too busy to. 
Not so much busy like the rest of the world - Holiday busy.

 Just a bit overwhelmed with all the to-do's in my head that have nothing to do with the Holidays at all.

I need to get focused.

1. Finish my office projects.

2. Finish the un-finished projects around the house.

3. Finish the un-finished crafting projects.

4. Finish the....yeah, the list is long.

How about the time to be a good friend? To be a good mom? To be a good wife?

Funny how when the stress of it all creeps in, you just want to make 
a whole lot of changes towards a simpler life. 

Less collections.

Less cars.

Less house.

Less yard.

Less commitments.

Less. Less. Less.

I'm beginning to think less is more!

So, while the NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION season is just around the corner, 
I think I'll skip it this year and start early!!!

Here's to less. 

And maybe, just maybe that will equate to more blogging, 
seeing how I've slacked off in that department this year....

...and just look at that dust on those little vintage shoes. Uggggh! 

We'll just pretend it's vintage too!

Yeah, that's it. Vintage dust....Tres Chic...


Barbara Jean said...

Sweet little vignette!!

Love the Tres Chic Vintage Dust idea. Think you are on to something!

bunches of blessings


Hopemore Studio said...

Vintage that's the best. I have a whole house full of it, perhaps someone can declare my house historic due to my vintage dust and then it will be something to be proud of..haha

I find it getting harder to blog too, just not much to say or at least I don't find it interesting enough to take the time to blog. I keep thinking slower times are ahead but I'm pretty sure this snowball just keeps moving faster down hill..look out.


Christine Edwards said...

Yes, I keep trying to tell myself that "less is more". I've been trying to adopt the "use it or lose it" philosophy. I've been going through all of the crap that has accumulated and finding it new homes. Did make a couple of bucks on eBay over Thanksgiving weekend. ;-) Hope you're well, and that Kyle makes it home safe. Enjoy your holiday!

Barbara Jean said...

Just saying hi and Have a year filled with God's Grace, Peace, and Blessings

barbara jean

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