Monday, January 24, 2011

We're LIVE .... again....

It's been a while since we took down our company website to re-design it, but now it's back up.
We wanted the release to co-incide with the move to our new location.

Our designer, Royce Owen, did a fabulous job in creating a very fun and interactive site showcasing our life at work.
(Great job, Royce! You've come a long way, too, since working at the little movie theater,
where Phillip found you right out of high school.
Now you're a dad and a husband about to celebrate the BIG 10 of marriage - Congrats!) 

It's amazing how many projects we've worked on over the last 20+ years.

You tend to lose sight of that when you're just working every day and moving on to the next creation,
but when it's all right here, in one place...well, wow!

We only had one boy in 1988.

Now we have three, and the youngest is 17 1/2.

Our first "shop" was Phillip in a 2-car garage.
Now we're a whole project team of high school friends and family - including that first baby boy.

Where did the time go?

What is in store for us over the next 25 years?

I've rambled enough for one post....

Introducing our new website....

hints: use your mouse to float over things in the "warehouse"; mouse over the photos in the Within The Beast Gallery; click the "back menu" button on the final Contact Us page to go back to the start...then just wait a few....


Hopemore Studio said...

Holy cow! Of course I popped over to the new website and straight to the gallery. All I can say is wow that is whole lotta talent! Congrats to you guys,

Patina Marie said...

Thanks so much Angie. Your enthusiasm means a lot. It's the ooohs and aaahs that keep us going.

Nothing better than seeing a family photo of a complete stranger next to some "fun" we've created. The silent-behind-the-scenes partner, so to speak...

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