Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yep. That's what my christmas tree said yesterday!

So, I removed its ONE string of white lights, all the celophane wrapped candy canes, the red glass ornaments, the sheer red ribbon garland, the little red bows, and the silver tinsel strands...there was NEVER a topper put on the poor thing. I NEVER even took a photo of the tree this I guess QUITTING was warranted.

Plus, even though it was watered (a couple of times), a couple of times wasn't enough. The needles were DRY and DEAD!!! Even with the huge tree stand still attached, it only weighed about 2 lbs...MAX! I'm betting the tree stand weighed as much as it.

When I lugged it in, it weighed A LOT more than about a starvation diet!

I've been really busy the last few weeks...months, actually, so our tree this year was a bit neglected...If it wasn't for A.J. and Kyra decorating it, it would still be standing in the room naked as a jay bird!!

Moving on...

So, I put the tree, with the stand still attached out on the front porch (which still isn't finished!).

There were needles EVERYWHERE!!! I guess the tree was getting even with me.

Pulled out the Dyson and proceeded to vacuum the floor...

Thinking I got the last laugh, because the needles made the vacuum smell so good and fresh, I looked up to see the tree on the porch when I was done, and IT WASN'T THERE! Only needles.

Now, keep in mind, I don't live in a city. There's no recycling service going around removing trees into a big truck. There are no neighborhood kids to play pranks. SO? Where did the tree go?

I walked out the door. Looked to the left and then to the right, over the porch railings.

NO tree.

Walked down the stairs.

NO tree.

Walked down the walkway....


There was the tree. Tree stand still attached. Lying down and around the house - a complete U-Turn - in front of the garage that is below the house!!!

Dang tree.

I guess when it said, "I QUIT!" it wasn't kidding!!!

ETA: the wind was HOWLING yesterday!!!

"I, Tina Marie Schiefer, do solemnly swear, that Christmas 2012's tree will be fully decorated, watered, pampered, photographed and shared!"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rusty....Vintage....Tricycle....for the Monkey...

Not the best picture. Taken with my iPhone at night. On Christmas Eve.


I LOVE the gift!!! A REAL, VINTAGE, tricycle in all its RUSTY, CRUSTY glory.

This is from Ty's girlfriend's family-run, real, honest-to-goodness, local dairy farm.

She said it's just been sitting outside under the trees for years...

and she was ever so kind to gift it to ME!!! Little 'ol me!!!

I think Monkey LOVES it just as much as I do...

Thanks, Jania and Ty for thinking of me...

I will cherish it forever!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inspired Dragonflies

A long while ago, I came across some pretty unique, LARGE dragonflies on a site called Lucy Designs created from an old table leg and ceiling fan blades. Like many things out there, I put them to memory for an "I wanna try and make those someday" moment.

Well, that moment came this last week. I made these for my newest friend at my local as-is Goodwill. She is planning to gift them to her daughter-in-law for Christmas... I hope she likes them!!!

Can't wait to create some other styles...

Here is a peek at the BEFORE....note the pencil for scale...

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Recycling for Christmas....

So, here is a photo of my DIY foyer ceiling. It's tongue and groove pine planks.

Off the subject? Well, NO.

These are the little end cuts from when I installed the ceiling. Cute, don't ya think? I have a whole gob of them.

Armed with an assortment of holiday paper, stamps, buttons, paint, Mod Podge, ribbon, etc... those little wood ceiling blanks became....

great little vignette accents around the house

gift tags

swag embellishments

tree ornaments

Christmas Joy
Warm Holiday Wishes
Crinkle-torn-stamped tissue paper.

A Warm & Friendly Wish for a
Very Happy Holiday!

I Believe in Santa
(The "dark" metal charm reads - Believe)

Merry Christmas
Crackle finish Vintage Ad paper.

Love Stamp
Crackle finish Teddy Bear stamp.

Naughty or Nice? Yes....
A favorite re-make from last year.

I Believe in Angels
Lots of glass glitter, buttons, and fiber.

 Don't Peek til Xmas
A Holiday Classic

Let it SNOW!
In classic black and cream.

'Tis the Season
Who doesn't love a Snowman?
Glass Glitter. Looks just like a sugar cookie.

Tinker Toys!!!
Just what I wanted!
Crackle Finish vintage Ad paper.

Believe in Christmas Magic

Dear Santa, I WANT.
Oh, come on. What else? Isn't that what all letters to Santa begin with???

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more Beautiful.

Star Light, Star Bright -
A Wish for Peace on Earth Tonight.
Layered paper stars.

Christmas Cheer
Another crackle finish .2 cent stamp.

Happy Holidays
December 25 Postcard.
Crackle finish tree stamp.


These still need to be drilled and strung with ribbon.

Here's a finished set.
These were swapped a few years back in an online ornament swap.

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