Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's a GIRL!!!!!

Twice confirmed!!!

Two technicians!!!

It's a GIRL!!!


The proud daddy-to-be....

Kyle and his little girl....

Can I just say, I cannot believe Kyle (or any of my boys) is old enough to have a BABY!!!!

And cute is she? All bundled up in New York with a little baby inside!

I was having a bit of fun in Photoshop....she's 16 weeks, and the little one is said to be about the size of an orange....
They did a 3-D ultrasound on Saturday. It is the coolest thing I've ever seen...
Yay for Kyle and Yosi!!!
Yay for Yosi's family!!!
Yay for our family!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's a Monkey Kind Of Monday....

The newest addition to the Monkey family....

She's a bit worse for wear, but it was love at first sight on Saturday.

She will be sporting a cute bonnet and a mixed-media dress soon. Maybe that will help detract from the "chewed" on hands and feet...She obviously was WELL LOVED before she stole my heart!


Friday, November 9, 2012


This morning, I find myself reflecting on the friendships I've made over the last few years.

Actually, since moving to Oregon in 2004.

Friends from working at the scrapbook store (no longer here), but the friendships made are everlasting and deep.

Friends at out-of-town, creative functions.

Out-of-state friends, met through other friends.

Blogland friends.

Friends from being on the ICE Resin Creative Team.


Friends have no boundaries.

The funny thing is, a few of my newest friends live in BOTH Washington (in the same EXACT town!) and California (literally, 15 minutes away!), from where I used to live, but never met when I was there...

Funny how that's happening lately....Brenda (I "met" at Art Camp last year), we immediately recognized each other. You know that whole, "you look REALLY familiar, but I can't place it??!!) Turns out, we lived right across from each other in our little Washington town. Our kiddos were in elementary school together! Small world!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Riddle for Thursday...

What's Brown, and Cream with spots of RED?


Stay tuned....I have an idea brewing in my HEAD!


On another note...CAN you believe it's almost THANKSGIVING!??? ALREADY???

Me neither....

The leaves have changed color...The rain is here...The car is dinging "caution possible icy roads".

Crazy!!! I think we were a bit spoiled by the awesome SUMMER weather we had.

Craft Warehouse open house with the girls this Saturday...EB Feastival Lunch next Friday with the guys and their gals....Holiday Home Tour on Dec 2 with the girls.

Shopping...Baking...Feasting...I feel the pounds sneaking on now.

but....SOON it will be CHRISTMAS break too and Kyle and his girlfriend, Yosi will be home on leave for a much needed visit...and maybe an improptu baby shower!!!

Three more weeks until we find out if it's a PINK or BLUE!!! Gotta love technology....

As much as I would love to spoil a little PINK baby....I know ALL about the BLUE babies!!!

I'm VERY excited....!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Imagine My Surprise...

Last weekend I received a copy of the new HandCrafted magazine with the cover sheet that reads, "You've been published!"

Huh? I didn't submit anything...except a couple pieces of jewelry, and those were supposedly already spoken for...

Well, much to my surprise, HandCrafted is primarily a re-cap of selected, previously published artwork.

Page Wish. Dream. Create. mail caddy....from Somerset Home Summer 2010.

And making this issue even more special, the cover art is Kristen's. Cool!

Speaking of cool, the current Haute Handbags cover is Kelly's!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 20, 2012

Yes. I know today is November 1, 2012.

But, I've been bursting with news to share on my blog and want to be sure to note the date,
October 20, 2012 ... the date I first heard THE NEWS!!!

I'm gonna be a grandma! Yep!!! A Grandma...

Glammy? Grandma? Grandmother? Non? Nana? Grammy? Gramma Tina?

That was fast! An empty nest at the first of October, then a grandparent-to-be less than 3 weeks later!!!

Our middle son, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Yosi, who lives in NYC are expecting
May 14, 2013.

Kyle is in the Army and will most likely face deployment in January 2013, but we are hopeful that things work out in their favor....He just recently returned from a one-year deployment to S. Korea, and that felt like forever!

There are still a lot of variables and details yet to work themselves out, but if his dad and I are any watermark of beating the odds and nay-sayers of a young relationship, they will be fine!

They are over-the-moon with excitement. Her family is full of excitement. I'm chock full of emotion. I am full of many adjectives actually, but "full of emotion" seems to cover them all!!!

They are hoping to come home in December for the holidays so we can officially meet Yosi and see the "belly"!

A baby... A BABY!!! A little Schiefer grandson or granddaughter...WOW!!!

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