Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Unconventional Post....

Why is it some things in life we take for granted?

Like electricity.

We are so accustomed to having it at our fingertips, that when it goes out, we are lost.

True. Candles and flashlights can hold the fort, but what about power to blow dry our hair? Or how about the use of the microwave? Or how will the hot water heater (mine is electric) heat the shower water? Or the oil heater that heats my home?

Like firewood.

When we have a stock of stacked firewood, life is good and we burn with abandon. But, when the stack gets low, and we can't burn that pile of "green" unseasoned wood, and there's snow on the ground or gallons of rain are dumping outside, what ever shall we do? 

We hope that the electricity stays on - lest a wind, ice, or snow storm knock down a tree branch or two and onto our beloved power lines - and hope that the storage tank is full of heating oil.

It's the little things in life. Life's little conveniences.

Like Toilet Paper. 

Yes. I said Toilet Paper.

When the toiletry closet is chock full of those cushy white rolls (remember the colored rolls? Blue, Pink, Yellow, Tan?) - we use it as if the roll is never ending. But, when you get down to the last little squares, and the cupboard is bare, it can become an issue. Use it sparingly. No blowing noses. No using it as a make-shift squeegee on the steamed up mirror. Not even to clean up the rogue mascara blob out of the sink.


As Elaine of Seinfeld fame said, "Can't spare a square!"

The situation becomes even worse, when at night, after a long day at work, you realize that you forgot to go to the store for TP! 

What to do?....

Grab the closest box of Kleenex, of course!!! 

Isn't that what you do? 

Or do you NEVER run out and I'm in a class by myself?

The only one with an empty cardboard roll?

Tell me.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Moving on.

Once you buy the 24 pack of Triple Sized Rolls that don't/won't fit on old-school paper holders, thus requiring a free-standing TP holder, what is the PROPER way to dispense?

Roll - over?


Roll - under???

I think EVERYONE is right on this one...

....REMINDER: note to self

Stock up on TP.   
You can NEVER have too much. 
It never goes out of style. 
And life becomes quite complicated without it!!!


ps. Our TP is ALWAYS roll-over....
..maybe, like Angie's hubby, I'm a little OCD there..?


Hopemore Studio said...

and this is why I love sam's club, tp by the big ole' packs.

We did without electric for a week last year when Hurricane Ike winds hit the midwest. It was weird, frustrating, and really a blessing to realize how fragile it all is. Stay lit and warm my dear friend. to have the roll going over the top or the hubby will rant...I blame the OCD.

Loved this post!


PicturePerfectPixies said...

Roll - Over!

Also, while potty training, seat must be wiped & put down. Even if you don't see anything!

Anonymous said...

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