Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm shoveling as fast as I can....

and I still can't keep up with everything.

Phillip and I were talking the other day about how it seems we always have SO MUCH on our ToDo lists. So many tasks, chores, hobbies, work, play. So many things rolling around in our heads, that even on the weekends, it feels like we get nothing done. Even though we've been moving & going forward...."just keep swimming, swimming...."

We wake up on Saturday and it begins. The wheels are in motion. Our minds can't categorize all that needs to be done. So we pick one or two things to do, but it never seems to be enough. Work on cars, clean the cars, vacuum the house, sweep/mop the house, organize the old crap, organize the new crap, water the garden, weed the garden, do the laundry, think about the hobbies, organize the hobby crap - but mostly just move the hobby crap from one place to the other place, talk about our business, plan more business, talk about the kids, the pets, the remodelling of ALL the rooms in the house. Talk, Plan, Clean, Organize, Work, Dream, DayDream, Do.... It's exhausting!

It's been like this for 20+ years. 20 wonderful years. We get along great and are STILL in love with being in love, but Holy Moly will the rat race ever end? I think we're both getting tired, but still we keep shoveling more activities, more crap, more plans onto our daily lives.

I'm glad we keep moving forward but sometimes I know we both wonder what it would be like to just slow down - not just stop and watch t.v., but really slow down and enjoy life. OR maybe this is LIFE and we'd just curl up in a ball and be bored if the house was finished, the gardens landscaped, the kids grown and moved out, the pets moved out with the kids, the hobbies completed, the business retired and the rat race exterminated....? Who knows.

Better Get to Gettin'. The weekend's fast approaching and we've got a million and 1/2things to do....hopefully, I can focus on one or two things long enough to get something done.

That's the other problem I have. I still think (know!) I have ADD. I'll start something and get sidetracked. I'll be in the kitchen ready to do the dishes. Pick up a dirty kitchen towel. Then go through the house to gather the random towels, socks, etc. and then start a load of white laundry. As I unload the dishes, I spy a bird crock/bowl. Then I'll feed the birds. Then I spy the can of new paint in the bird room/porch. Then I'll have to test the paint color on the new hallway wall. I'll go back to the kitchen sink to rinse out the paint brush. Oh, yeah, the dishes....RAT RACE!!!!
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