Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Phillip's Jester-Clown Mask...
Let's just say, it creeped ME out!!! That's saying ALOT!

Sadly, there are NO trick-or-treaters up at our the adults partied a bit last Saturday night at our house.
Me and Kelly

My friend, Kelly, flew up from California to join in the fun and help decorate and keep us all fed! Thanks, Kelly!

Ginger, Me, Kelly
Kelly and Kristen
Jeff and Kris
A.J. and Kyra
The "officially un-official" costume contest winners!
item of note: A.J.'s comment when he saw this picture, "Man! She really did stuff her bra!"

Jeff, Erik, Me, Jeff, Janice, 1/2 of Dan
Fortune-Telling Moment
Jania, Ty, Phillip
A Duck-Lips Moment
A Migrating Costume Moment...
Somehow, AJ's wig and hat ended up
on Peter Parker aka: Spiderman...
hmmmm...I wonder if Jack Daniels had anything to do with it???
Jania and Ty
A Rock Star and his Groupie
 Jeff and Kristin
Love in the DEAD ZONE
Kyra and A.J.
Love in the HILLBILLY Zone
and now for a little sick and twisted decor tour...
Kelly and I just FED off of each other like decoration zombies...
The infamous rusty vasectomy scissors...
open to the page of cute little kittens with the poem about fitting....
The Requisite Skull in the Bird Cage
Sometimes Time JUST stops!

Where'd all the food go?
Strange...The Baby was MISSING too!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Charm Exchange....

(my charm created from a section of wooden ruler, chain, beads, stamped mother-of-pearl bead, tulle, wire, solder and jump rings)
Join me today for a Halloween Charm Exchange Blog Hop.
Thespa of Vintiquities Workshop hosted the exchange.
Make 15 charms and receive 15 back.
The variety this year was very fun!
Skulls. Spiders. Love Potion. Eyes...and the list goes on...
I don't actually plan on making a charm bracelet to wear.
I'm more of a decorate-with-jewelry type of gal, so these will find a home on journals, bottles, and around my office as decor. They'll fit right in with my Nightmare Before Christmas theme!
Thanks everyone for participating and sharing your talents!
Happy Halloween.....
Lexi Grezner - The Shabby Calavera
Thespa McLaughlin - Vintiquities Workshop
Kathy Thompson - Katalina Jewelry
Deb Patrick - Artziehodgepodge
Ginger Swanson - GingerJabber 
Marilou Bain - side one 
Marilou Bain - side two 
Angela Blasingame - Hopemore Studio 
Jeanne Gripp - Wildwoodsartstudio
Lynn Stevens - Trashtotreasureart 
Sandy Babb - Quillcottage 
Heather Williams - Heathersheartnwings 
Virginia Abshire - virginiasscrappingboutique 
Dana James Designs - danasjewelrydesign
Tammy K

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Charm Exchange

It's that time of year....

Time to celebrate HALLOWEEN!!!!

This year, I joined about 15 other creative women (and men?) in a Halloween charm swap.

Hostess: Thespa McLaughlin

I've seen a couple of the charms from Lexi, Ginger, Kathy, and can I just say... WOW! This is gonna be a GREAT exchange!!! Angie has kept hers a secret...and that's good, cause I like secrets!

There will be a blog hop to share the "treats" on October 30 ... so stay tuned.

We were given the option of making 15 identical charms or 3 sets of 5 charms. I made mine all the same.

Here's a peek at my creation...





if you DO NOT WANT TO SEE!!!!


do not peek!!!

do not scroll......

do not continue reading....




empty space....

empty space....

empty space....

WHEW!!! ok....keep reading....

All cozy in their little glassine, sewn-shut envelopes and adorned with a little witches hairpin.

(note: I sewed these on my new circa 1939 Singer featherweight sewing machine...I LOVE that little machine!!! I would have never known about these if it wasn't for Ruth Rae telling me all about them. Thanks, Ruth! It only sews straight stitches or crazy crooked stitches in this case - this was its maiden journey with me at the helm, but I can see this little machine going places with me...)

I didn't do a tutorial, but just know, these are the swivel sections of a vintage wooden ruler, dissassembled, cut and sanded down; wire wrapped with beads, chain, black tulle, stamped mother-of-pearl bead, and then just a bit of soldering to hold it all in place!

Add a couple of jump rings and it's ready for your charm bracelet.

Perfect little vintage witch adornment...
I cannot wait to see ALL the goodness to hit my mailbox next week.....

'tis near Halloween..... I'm joining in the Halloween fun here... ALSO BE SURE TO READ THE PREVIOUS POST FOR THE E-BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!
Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

E-book giveaways

The first two ICE Resin e-Books featuring jewelry and mixed-media artwork by the 2011-2012 Creative Team are now available for purchase.

Preview the first one, Imagine. Create. Explore. Volume 1 Mixed Media Jewelry by clicking below:

My Beauty and the Beach necklace is featured on the cover and the method I've used is sure to inspire your creativity using a common beach find, wire, words and Resin. It is just one of my jewelry projects featured in the first book.

My fellow team members share several techniques and processes, as well.

If you like what you see, leave a comment here, and you will receive one chance to win a copy of your very own.

Share & Link Back to this post from your own blog, and a second entry will be made on your behalf. Just leave me a second comment letting me know. :-)

I will be drawing TWO winners on Saturday, October 20th, at noon PST.

Look for a secondary post for the opportunity to win a copy of Volume 2...Jewelry and Vanity where there are MORE inspired creations...

Cheers and Good LUCK!!!

ps. Kathy of Katalina Jewelry has a copy on her blog too! She's drawing on 10/12...check out her blog. She has some GREAT tutorials going on over there from the Halloween Charm Swap we are playing in over at Vintiquities Workshop.
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