Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Phillip's Jester-Clown Mask...
Let's just say, it creeped ME out!!! That's saying ALOT!

Sadly, there are NO trick-or-treaters up at our the adults partied a bit last Saturday night at our house.
Me and Kelly

My friend, Kelly, flew up from California to join in the fun and help decorate and keep us all fed! Thanks, Kelly!

Ginger, Me, Kelly
Kelly and Kristen
Jeff and Kris
A.J. and Kyra
The "officially un-official" costume contest winners!
item of note: A.J.'s comment when he saw this picture, "Man! She really did stuff her bra!"

Jeff, Erik, Me, Jeff, Janice, 1/2 of Dan
Fortune-Telling Moment
Jania, Ty, Phillip
A Duck-Lips Moment
A Migrating Costume Moment...
Somehow, AJ's wig and hat ended up
on Peter Parker aka: Spiderman...
hmmmm...I wonder if Jack Daniels had anything to do with it???
Jania and Ty
A Rock Star and his Groupie
 Jeff and Kristin
Love in the DEAD ZONE
Kyra and A.J.
Love in the HILLBILLY Zone
and now for a little sick and twisted decor tour...
Kelly and I just FED off of each other like decoration zombies...
The infamous rusty vasectomy scissors...
open to the page of cute little kittens with the poem about fitting....
The Requisite Skull in the Bird Cage
Sometimes Time JUST stops!

Where'd all the food go?
Strange...The Baby was MISSING too!

Happy Halloween!!!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Looks like some good creepy fun! Great decor...but those vasectomy scissors...ouch!! Makes one happy to be a lady!

Hopemore Studio said...

There is way to much fun in that post.....there do I begin???

The baby dolls freak me out more than the

The costumes are great, your makeup is fun, fun, fun.

I saw a few hill billies around here today...mind you...they were not in costume.

Vincent Schiefer said...

I cant believe I missed it! I guess I just have that much more to look forward to in the years to come though :)

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