Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CHARM EXCHANGE revealed.....

I joined a really fun Steampunk Charm Exchange last month and received my box last week.

O.K. So not really the charms I received, but darned near close! 

Each of 13 swappers made 12 charms to exchange + 1 to keep.

This is the charm I made to swap.

Each one had a different with a ruler # and one had a spring instead of a key.

I ran out of time, but didn't want to bail on everyone.

So, I hustled and made these at work one morning.

I kind of feel bad, after I saw all the time the other "charmers" put into them.

But at least I didn't flake-out. That would have been totally and completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Haven't had time to take photos and post them, but here are a couple of the other swappers and hostess' blog to drool over....

Hostess: Christine - I Poked a Badger with a Spoon - how cute and original is that name?!!!

Swapper: Angie - Hopemore Studio
Swapper: Cinnibonbon 
There were many other swappers, but these were the one's with picture posts....

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