Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Step at a Time.

Ever have those days?

When SO many ideas are bouncing around in your head?

Like a Fisher-Price popper push toy? 

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Where do I stop?
Where do I start?

One step at a time....

No matter what, life is dang good!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Folly...a parasol assemblage step-by-step

Recently, I've had a couple of people comment "I wish I was in your head!"..."How did you come up with THAT?"... "I would have never thought of THAT!"

Well, join me for a few moments and I'll show you what inspired me to create mixed media parasol assemblage.

But first...let me just say, that I'm not a morning person, per se. I do my best thinking either while I'm in the shower...with my eyes closed, while I'm washing my hair...It's something that I started doing when the three boys were little...If you're a mom, you know that shower-time, locked in the bathroom is PEACE ON EARTH and the best time to be with your OWN thoughts!!!


At night, while I'm trying to fall asleep... When that "good idea" strikes, I can stay awake for hours...then be exhausted when it's time to wake up...probably why I'm not a morning person...!

So, with this particular creation, I was trying to think "Explore Beyond" - Spellbinders' trademark.

I thought of several things.... I won't bore you, but then I fixated on a chandelier idea...then I thought, what if I turned it upside-down...then...then...then... It was past 2 a.m!

Well, I happened to have two mis-matched light fixtures collecting dust in my studio. One with a wooden finial and another with a glass finial. After a bit of contemplation, I decided to disassemble BOTH and create a NEW object d'art.

I began the process on Friday night and spent a full Saturday - between Friday's wedding and Sunday's baby shower...getting it done! WHEW!!! Love my mochas! LOL


So, here we go...

wood finial chandelier - I used the arms, ceiling medallion, lower wooden finial and various hardware pieces

glass finial chandelier - I used the scallop cups, center glass finial and the hanger hardware
the disassembly process ... sorting and deciding

the assembly process begins...remove the lacy cups and add the scalloped cups ...
different shape...different direction...different effect
final top finial stack selection
finial stack test fit for design aesthetic

pattern-making for player piano, resin-paper section
  arm spacing traced, pattern cut, and test fit to arms

vintage Rythmodik player-piano music roll

test layout
 after cutting the music paper, a Fancy Tags Two die was positioned to be used as a stamp

using a Fancy Tags Two die and an Art Bin magnetic storage plate as a stamp positioner .. and the leaf seam/edge of my dining room table as a T-square, the die was inked with black Staz-On ink
Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist was spritzed over the sheet music

using the Grand Calibur, Pendants Lattice die, and clear shrink plastic,
numerous pieces were cut and shrunk for the clear jewels section

after shrinking

initial jewel layout that did not become part of the final design -
 a horizontal pattern was a better design between the arms

assembly of the jewels with chain and jump rings...and the wire wrapping process...
NOTE TO SELF: don't remove the card from the makes a mess!

rusted chicken wire - test fit and layout
 chicken wire cut to fit and wired to arms

using Fancy Tags Two die and laminated vintage sheet music, cut two tags...
one for the top of the wire section and one for the underside

laminated tags, vintage key and glass bead added to chicken wire section...
dried sheet music section positioned and ready for Ice Resin
prior to adding resin, a bit of black Staz-On was "scuffed" onto the sheet music in areas
to add some aging - scalloped cups were temporarily secured to assist with propping up the
framework while the resin cured over-night...bedtime!

Sprightly Sprockets dies were used to cut and emboss sheet aluminum - not aluminum foil
 cut and embossed

test layout onto wide mesh ribbon

 layout progression with mesh ribbon and laminated sheet music strips

mesh ribbon sandwiched between sprockets (back to back) and glued into place -
laminated sheet music was then sewn along the edges to stabilize mesh

sprockets adhered and laminated sheet music sewn into place - yet untrimmed

additional texture, color, and dimension added to sprockets using alcohol inks (butterscotch & slate), Staz-On ink, and a crackle pattern stamp
 a section of a vintage, vinyl Twister mat proved the perfect medium to die cut
using a 12" Classic Lace die...

vinyl border was then alcohol inked with butterscotch and slate using a stencil brush

 texture and dimension was added using Staz-On and the same crackle stamp

a third table lamp in my collection was disassembled to obtain the lamp parts used
for the parasol handle...yep, I wearing sweats...gotta be comfy!

a few additional elements, such as an etched metal plate, tulle, mulberry paper, watch/clock parts, jewelry findings, beads, paper tape, etc. were added to the main parasol assembly...then the glass element from one of the chandeliers was added to the table lamp "handle" and secured into place with plumber's putty...the putty was then painted with Modern Masters metallic paint to blend
scallop cup inserts were cut from dictionary pages using Petite Scallop Circles
and lightly coated with resin
Folly title badge was die cut from shrink plastic using Fancy Tags Three die,
stamped with Staz-On, and then attached with a jump ring

 And Voila...Folly!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Folly Parasol...a 2nd place win...

...and SO much more!

I couldn't help but day dream about the "what if I win the Grand Prize?"

To be perfectly honest, $5000 worth of product from Spellbinders and all the listed sponsors would be A LOT of stuff! What would I ever do with that much crafting and paper products? A craft-stash as Ken Oliver, from Spellbinders called it.

Then I saw the Pay-It-Forward posts going around on FaceBook last week between all of my crafting and artist friends, and with the thought of the possibility of a 1-in-12 chance of winning, an idea started bouncing around in my noggin. I love the moment an idea pops into my head.

What if?

What if I used the winnings to Pay-It-Forward to make someone elses day? So, I would just keep my fingers crossed and try to sleep at night until today's announcement...I have to say, the closer it got, the harder it was to fall asleep!!!!

Well, today I won!

I won 2nd place!


Tonight, I decided I would make this even bigger than a tiny acorn (and $1000 + in prizes is no tiny acorn, believe me!) a mighty oak will grow.

So, on Monday, I will be researching a local children's hospital, a children's program, or a shelter; or at the suggestion of a FaceBook friend, whom I've never met in person, a long-term adult hospice ward, to share my love of crafting and art with. A few of my friends will join me on this quest to bring hope and happiness, with all the supplies and instruction, to those who could use some.

I'm SO excited to share and brighten someone else's day... Folly...a parasol of hope...that's my new little acorn's goal.


With all this excitement, I want to be sure to THANK my dear friend, Janice Martin...without her generosity of loaning me ALL 6 Spellbinders die sets I used to create Folly, this little project would never have come to fruition. It would have just been a little idea that popped into my head one night.

Thank You to Spellbinders for hosting such a creative opportunity and to all of your sponsors for such generous prize packages! Thank You to the judges for choosing my project out of the 12, that must have been a difficult decision! Congratulations to all the finalists and the 1st and 3rd place winners! Thank You to all the guys at E.B. Effects for your confidence and support and asking me if I'd won yet! Thank you to all my friends and family on FaceBook and beyond for the kind comments and friendship.

Thank you to my boys, Ty, Kyle and A.J. You three motivate me daily to be a better mom and budding artist.

Finally, and MOST importantly...Thank you to my husband, Phillip, whom I have the privilege to share my life with; whom tolerates my excessive "collecting" addiction; whom supports my every whim; and truly is my everything!!! You my dear man, are my inspiration to become a better artist through your lifelong example! I love you!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage Drift....

I made the cover...sort of!

From Wood to Wearable Art

Page 68, coincidently the year I was born...
(I love playing with numbers!)

Vintage Drift...

found on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon and combined with etched metal, silk ribbon, wire, and glass beads.

It was an fun time away, creating with my girl friends...

This issue is chock full of lovely creations; many of them by my new friends...and beautifully photographed and showcased by Stampington!!! It's truly an inspiring magazine.

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