Saturday, January 12, 2013

Folly Parasol...a 2nd place win...

...and SO much more!

I couldn't help but day dream about the "what if I win the Grand Prize?"

To be perfectly honest, $5000 worth of product from Spellbinders and all the listed sponsors would be A LOT of stuff! What would I ever do with that much crafting and paper products? A craft-stash as Ken Oliver, from Spellbinders called it.

Then I saw the Pay-It-Forward posts going around on FaceBook last week between all of my crafting and artist friends, and with the thought of the possibility of a 1-in-12 chance of winning, an idea started bouncing around in my noggin. I love the moment an idea pops into my head.

What if?

What if I used the winnings to Pay-It-Forward to make someone elses day? So, I would just keep my fingers crossed and try to sleep at night until today's announcement...I have to say, the closer it got, the harder it was to fall asleep!!!!

Well, today I won!

I won 2nd place!


Tonight, I decided I would make this even bigger than a tiny acorn (and $1000 + in prizes is no tiny acorn, believe me!) a mighty oak will grow.

So, on Monday, I will be researching a local children's hospital, a children's program, or a shelter; or at the suggestion of a FaceBook friend, whom I've never met in person, a long-term adult hospice ward, to share my love of crafting and art with. A few of my friends will join me on this quest to bring hope and happiness, with all the supplies and instruction, to those who could use some.

I'm SO excited to share and brighten someone else's day... Folly...a parasol of hope...that's my new little acorn's goal.


With all this excitement, I want to be sure to THANK my dear friend, Janice Martin...without her generosity of loaning me ALL 6 Spellbinders die sets I used to create Folly, this little project would never have come to fruition. It would have just been a little idea that popped into my head one night.

Thank You to Spellbinders for hosting such a creative opportunity and to all of your sponsors for such generous prize packages! Thank You to the judges for choosing my project out of the 12, that must have been a difficult decision! Congratulations to all the finalists and the 1st and 3rd place winners! Thank You to all the guys at E.B. Effects for your confidence and support and asking me if I'd won yet! Thank you to all my friends and family on FaceBook and beyond for the kind comments and friendship.

Thank you to my boys, Ty, Kyle and A.J. You three motivate me daily to be a better mom and budding artist.

Finally, and MOST importantly...Thank you to my husband, Phillip, whom I have the privilege to share my life with; whom tolerates my excessive "collecting" addiction; whom supports my every whim; and truly is my everything!!! You my dear man, are my inspiration to become a better artist through your lifelong example! I love you!



Hopemore Studio said...

Congrats, congrats, (happy dance) Congrats. I am so excited for you, it was a well deserved win!! Your take on the pay-it-forward is a fantastic idea. There are many organizations who would truly love some of the fantastic crafty goodness coming your way.

Got to love Janice for sharing all those dies. The gears are fantastic. Phillip, well we know know he's a keeper :-)

Seth said...

Well done Tina, on the amazing creation (so cool), the win, and your generous decision to pay it forward in such a wonderful way. I am certain this will come back to you many times over!

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