Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Little Bananas....

* photo: fake banana bunch and a lone real banana. 
For "King of the Apes" aka: Tarzan, Treehouse in Hong Kong for a large
theme park where a certain mouse and his friends might be spotted playing....

I'm at work today. My day job. Trying to work Full Days Tues and Thurs for a bit,
so I can get our home life in order. Striving to be a better wife, homemaker, mother, cook,
housekeeper, business partner, organizer, construction foreman woman, gardener, employer,
crafter. (yeah, it's a tall order, but I am optimistic.)

So, as a launch to my new self/schedule, in addition to all that is happening at our house, 
today I'm moving my office!!!

For the last five or so years, I've been working in the office below Phillips office.

A few months ago, I took apart my really nice maple-topped desk (bought 2nd hand, of course,
from an office supply re-seller) so I could re-finish the tops and paint the filing cabinet/drawer
bases bright white. Thus, I have been working at two folding tables for a bit 
(they are actually quite functional, given the circumstances).

At any rate, we've hired a long-time friend to head up our design/engineering department (our 
impending house guest - until his family can move up in June). He will occupy my soon-to-be
former office space. My office will be on the other side of the wall.

So, I'm on the move......



Dreaming of a break.... 
and maybe some snacks.
* photo: Templeton the Rat from our rendition of Charlotte's Web.
(An E.B.Effects street display project, Bear Fest, we did back in 2005
sponsored by Evergreen Bank - a local "artsy" bank)

Classic N and N's. 
That's how the little kids say it! 
Plus, no copyright infringement here!

Lil Miss Charlotte in all her glory.

Have you ever seen a cuter piglet? 
Complete in a burlap snuggie.

Just look at those big baby blues.

Some BEAR!!!

Credits: Phillip and Tina Schiefer, Erik Pollard, Alan Jergens
concept, sculpting, fabrication, scenic



you sound busy....and I like your bananas!

ciao bella

Hopemore Studio said...

Those props are fantastic, the ones from Chalotte's Web really brought back memories.

I hope your move goes well and stress free. Stress is no good for those creative juices.

Good Luck with it, you are a trooper and I know you'll come out shining!


MisfitGirl said...

How much do I love Templeton? Those are fabulous.

Katalina Jewelry said...

Tina, these are so cool! You guys do awesome work. I can't believe those bananas aren't real!!

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