Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Which Cloud Is Cloud Nine????

Wow! I haven't blogged for almost a month. Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Well, the one-word explanation is....BUSY. But the other reason for my hiatus is that my Internet Security software expired and I was afraid to get online with my laptop. Yes, I have a computer at work, but ....refer to the one-word explanation above....

Any who, when I finally did go online to renew my software, it was MORE expensive to renew as an existing customer than it was to order NEW software online at Amazon. Go figure! I never really understood the whole, "become a NEW customer and we'll bend over backwards for you, but be an EXISTING customer and we'll charge you more!" 

It's happened with the satellite t.v. system, with the XM Radio service, with the internet provider. Cancel once you're out of contract, and ALL OF A SUDDEN - WHAM, BAM - the rate goes down!!! But, be an on-time paying customer for years and years, and they just keep charging you top-dollar. What gives?

Promotional rates? I understand that, but maybe a gimme every once in a while as a thank you would be nice.

So, now that my laptop is protected from all the dangers (or at least that's what I'm left to believe!) of the internet germs, I'm back to putting words on the screen.

Busy = a bunch of really fun projects aka. work with deadlines, schedules, paperwork, phone conferences, a bunch of running around; in escrow on a soon-to-be-new-to-us very old, building for our business (talk about re-purposing); meetings with the attorney to form a new LLC with our new real-estate partners; cooking, cleaning, doing the household chores....the list goes on and on....as usual.....

Life is good!!!

Life today is good. I got an email this morning that one of my projects is being featured in the August issue of Somerset Home. Whoo Hooo! I was just bursting with excitement. I've never been published before. That was a fun email to get while I was home today cleaning the kitchen.

Then, if that wasn't enough - and trust me, it was! I got an email this afternoon informing me that another one of my projects was going to be in the same magazine. I only submitted two things for consideration, months ago, and I'm two for two! I'm really on cloud nine!!! 
Now, I just need to figure out what to write to go with the photos.....I can babble on for days, but public speaking isn't really my thing......

So now, I'm off to artistic dream-land....
Nitey Nite!

*** The artist's pallet, paint tubes, and the brushes above are all fake. 
They are props for a project we did a while back. Too much fun!!!


myblip said...

Wow, that's very exciting news! Congratulations!

Teri S.

myblip said...

p.s. I added you to my blogroll, and would love if you'd add me to yours too. :)


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