Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who's Behind Those Doors????

We spent the weekend with our friends, the Swanson's.
They are visiting here from California...and will be our "neighbors" soon.

We've known them since high school.
We've laughed.
We've cried.
We've shared our lives.
We've grown from two young couples learning how to be adults and getting the hang of life; to two couples in our 40's with 5 young men - 22, 19, 19 (just a week apart!), 16, and 13.

When I made reservations for dinner this past Friday night at Tap Rock Northwest Grill, here in Grants Pass, I reserved the conference room. Yes. The conference room. 
 (Photo: TapRock photo taken Summer 2009)

Lotsa space. 

Lotsa privacy. 

Lotsa plates. 

Lotsa food. 

Lotsa stories. 

Lotsa laughter. 

Lotsa LOUD!!! 

Lotsa fun....

Lotsa testosterone!!!

The doors to the conference room are beautiful wood with glass inserts. 
The whole time we were in there, we kept seeing "faces" peeking in through the glass. 
Quite entertaining.

After dinner, I used my phone to snap a memory of the night....
 Left to Right:
Phillip, A.J., Ty, Zac, Alex, Ginger, Kyle, Darrin
Not Pictured:
Here's to Family and Friendship!

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