Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23. The 42nd Birthday Suit.

Yeah! Like I'd show that!!!

Or think you'd WANT to see that!!!

Instead, how about I share a few birthday HATS!!!

"Do you think this one is TOO BIG?", asked Birthday girl.

"Yeah, maybe. But, I kind-a like it!"

"How about this one?",  asked Birthday girl.

"Maybe a little TOO small?"

"Ooooh, I think this one is just right!", exclaimed Birthday girl.

"I think you're gonna get LICE!", noted Birthday girls friend.

"Ha, Ha, Ha", laughed Birthday girl, as she pretended to scratch her head...!


Kristin Michael said...

I STILL think you're gonna get lice from doing that...<>

Hopemore Studio said...

Go for the first one!! No one asks your age when you dress like that, mostly because no one will want to talk to you at all!!

It cracks me up when someone mentions head lice and we instinctively fight the urge to scratch an itch on our scalp!

Happy belated birthday I hope it was a great one.


Barbara Jean said...

cute post birthday girl. =)

So sad you were sick, especially when your boys came to town and we could have played.
Another time, and I am soo looking forward to it.

We are getting ready to serve Tea & Treats (which you probably figured out from bits about it on my posts) and getting a new area ready to open.

I'm having so much fun with it all.

Off for now. Need to write a brief post about a friend who sent me some goodies. =)


barbara jean

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