Friday, April 9, 2010

All Wheel Drive.

Today, I was in ALL WHEEL DRIVE.

The daylight basement, below the dining room, got tackled. 

I called in the Army Corps of Engineers to help me "excavate" the space, ie: my I-pod stereo docking port,
my mocha, the house phone, some super-huge garbage bags, the vacuum, totes, 
a space heater, some Excedrin and a whole lotta ambition.

The space that was pretty much empty when we moved in the Summer of 2004. 

It has become a dumping zone for all things. 

Boys' bedroom cleanings, old clothes & linens, shop/office
leftovers, piles of remodeling tools, old doors, new doors, removed bathroom fixtures ie: a toilet
and a pedestal sink, boxes of life keepsakes, crafting crap, garage stuff, and even some
trash - believe it or not!
I have plans for this space. 

I want this space to create in.

I am earning this space (trust me, 
the way my body feels right now...I'm earning!)

This space needs a lot more help. But, I have a really good start on it.
These photos are what it looked like when we bought the place. The previous
owner used it as a pantry. WHAT A PANTRY!!!

I had EVERY intention of showing the NOW (before) photos, (even at the risk of laughing, 
finger pointing, gasps!, and jeering) but honestly, I can't find my
camera. I promised myself the other day, to keep my camera close by. I want to take more random pictures. I put it in my purse and went to work...I'm sure it'll show up somewhere....

Onward. I had planned on my craft room being upstairs next to the family room. The nice room
with all the windows. BUT, after-after much consideration, I've decided on the daylight
basement space. It stays cooler in the Summer. It's not right next to the T.V. hub-bub.
It'll be more private when/if I have company over to play creating.
AND....It has a concrete floor (not carpet - not so good with paint) and an outside entrance - through
the garage (bigger painted projects!).

I haven't done a floor plan yet, but I have a few quirky ideas for the space.

The laundry room is between the stairwell to the upstairs and this space, so I'd like to re-purpose
a set of 3 vintage windows I scored from an old house that was being torn down in the wall between
the two rooms. They are multi-paned, wood framed, single hung windows in the original 
casing. Three little windows all-in-a-row. That way it'll let some light into the laundry room 
and give it an open feeling. Plus, doesn't everyone have old exterior windows built into their 
interior walls? Now, I just need to scrape and re-paint those babies. That'll probably
take longer than framing them in the wall. 

Next up. I'd like to get my old screen door in shape to use as the laundry room door between the rooms. 
It doesn't really need a door, but I am bound and determined to get a vintage screen door in this house
somewhere!!! AND...once I remove the old 70's wooden door, I can't just leave a big hole, now can I?

So. Day One. Trash thrown away (well, piled in the garage anyway!). Like items sorted into sections for the family to claim, throw away, donate. Floors vacuumed. Walls de-cobwebbed (it is a basement!), and many creative wheels a turning....ALL WHEEL DRIVE!!!!

Wish me Luck!

** All Wheel Drive emblem. I treasured this one at a yard sale last Summer. I plan on putting it on the back of my little vintage wagon - like a license plate....cause that's how I roll......

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