Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Won the Give Away....

A while back, I won this cute little baby shoe nest from Treasures from the Heart. (still haven't figured out how everyone is linking up to other blogs using the cute blog buttons! Someone email me the secret!)

Barb makes the cutest little bird nests! She is even kind enough to share a tutorial with everyone.

At any rate, I won this cute little shoe to display on my buffet, along with family photos, to welcome Spring.
Who doesn't just love a little nest of birdy eggs?

I've been collecting little baby shoes for a long time now. Not so many of these little white ones, 
but tiny leather ones, little boots, patent leather ones, etc... 

The one thing I begged my mom for, was my baby shoes - just because I can't believe my feet were that little once. They're not huge or anything, but they aren't size 6 either!

I am also fond of big 'ol leather work boots. You've seen 'em. All planted up in the garden. Too cute!

And....for some strange reason, I seem to find singles. Little abandoned shoes here and there. On the sidewalks. In street gutters. In the park.

I found one little shoe on Thanksgiving morning years ago up in Washington. It rains in Washington nearly everyday. This particular day was no exception. We had to go to the store for those forgotten dinner items, and they had just built a new grocery store and the parking lot wasn't draining very well.

So, there were little fast moving rivers and big puddles everywhere. And lo and behold, a little leather boot making its way, like a little boat, through the river. Of course, I had to save it.

Some little guy out there was single-shoeing it on Thanksgiving. Something about little ones. Their shoes just fall right off their little stocking'd feet, and are let loose upon the world.

I have quite the collection of little lost "soles". Someday, I plan to create a garden of lost "soles".

So, THANK YOU BARB! I have been looking like crazy for little white baby shoes for you, as a thank you. I have found a couple pairs - but neither of them are quite as cute as this one!!!

Happy Shoe Hunting!

1 comment:

Barbara Jean said...

a sweet post!
I thank you so much for the links to my place, and that you let people know about the tutorials. I just love to share with others what I have learned.
I'm off to see what I have missed since I was by here last.

So looking forward to my surprise package!! Thanks!!

Barbara jean

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