Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keys to Friendship....

I'm off to spend the day with two of my friends, Kristin and Janice. 

They are celebrating my birthday with me. 

A day early. 

We're going shopping/window shopping in Jacksonville. 

Then, lunch at the BBQ joint I love so much. 

Then, possibly a movie and dessert.

The weather is supposed to be Sunny and in the high 60's - low 70's today. Nice.

I'll leave you with the "keys" to friendship.

Staying in touch. Even if by email, text, or by phone.

Be a good friend. 

Stay in touch - before you lose touch.

My friend, Kay, sent me one of those "polls" yesterday. You know the ones. The one we roll our eyes at.

Fill it out and send it on! Life's too short not to. Get to know your friends better. 
Laugh. Play. Be silly in your responses. 
Even your very best friend wants to know the "little" things you never mentioned before.


It's a key to all friendships.

Here was my response....

***warning: it's a bit wacky in alignment - cut and pasted - and blogger won't re-align it without me typing it all again...SO......

Three  things about me:

    Please don't  break the cycle: It is fun to learn different things about our  friends.

Three  Names I go by:
                                                           1. Tina/Honey/Sweetheart - Phillip
         2. Mom/Mommy/Mama - Kids
         3. Boss-ette/Chief/The-Eye - Work

Three places  I've worked:
         1. E.B. Effects and Design Company
         2. State Farm
         3. Scrapbook connection
Three things I like to watch:
          1. Clouds rolling in over the river/valley
          2. Lighting/Wind Storms
          3.  Time-lapse photography of flowers, bugs, weather, etc....

Three Places  I've Been:
         1. Climbed up a rope of a small cliff. Hiked across recent Earthquake damaged terrain. Then up the side of another cliff, ending at a huge crevice of landslide (where the ocean was pounding through the opening), determined to find a letter-box in Hana, Maui, Hawaii while all my boys waited for me in the rented van in a parking lot.
         2. 150' under the South Pacific Ocean in a Submarine (in Maui)
         3. Driving my car 115 mph across a desert highway in California (by myself)

Three people  who e-mail me regularly: "texting is not e-mail"
          1.  Phillip - mostly cc's of work emails
          2.  Clients
          3. Blog comments from various readers

Three things I  love to eat:
1. Anything chocolate
2. Mexican food
3.  Fritos and bean dip (is that considered Mexican food?)

Three  people I think will respond
             1.  Janice
             2.  Lisa
3. Kristin????

Three  things I am looking forward to:
      1.  Closing escrow on the building in Medford, so we can get out of limbo and move on with our lives! ... and very shortly thereafter, going to retreat in May with my friends....and maybe, just maybe, creating something else that will be chosen to get published....My secret "greedy" goal is to create  something that makes a cover issue....

2. sharing our 25 wedding anniversary with friends and family - whooping it up with a BIG party!!!!
3.  Meeting my three sons' love-of-their-lives, someday...and getting to share in that whole experience of becoming a larger Schiefer clan......(no rush boys, I'm only 41!!! at least until tomorrow!)


Tommy said...

Happy,Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend...I hope you have an amazing day and get to do something fun some good chocolate and make a special memory...and make the next year just as wonderful as the past 41...I love you and miss you tons and I am so glad I got lucky enough to know someone that reminds me how a life lived with love and happiness can be so freakin' awesome...they say a friend is a gift you give yourself,thanks for being such a great gift!!

Barbara Jean said...

hey girl!
Happy birthday early and have a great time!!!


barbara jean

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