Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a Fisher Price Birthday.....

I mentioned in yesterdays post that my friend, Janice, made me open four tissue-wrapped birthday presents early. I opened one at a time to find the cutest Fisher Price toys to add to my ever-growing collection.

We decided we'll need to build shelves in my craft room/studio to house them all. They will definitely add some vintage color and FUN!!!

First up....
This little farmer and his two-wheeled tractor. His back wheels are missing, but the graphics are wonderful. I just love the old Fisher Price toys for their colorful graphics and interactive designs.

The farm animals, his plaid shirt, his denim over-alls, and the cute little straw hat, folded just so on the one side. 

 Missing wheels or not, this toy is such fun eye candy!!!

...and I can't help but be reminded of the "nut" guys Phillip and I made while in Kauai.

Next up, is Huffy Puffy the little train car.
So very cute with its wooden wheels and the engineer holding his lantern.

How about this little race car? 
It's a newer piece with plastic wheels.
But NO less adorable.
...and a close-up of the driver. I'm sure he won a few races in his day!!!

I saved the best for last....

 Do you remember having one of these as a kid?
 Can you guess what it is?
Did you guess it was a Music Box Teaching Clock?
It STILL works like a charm, too!
This is the back of it showing all the hours.

And if all that wasn't adorable enough....

One side of the clock shows each quarter-hour.
Isn't that the sweetest little girl you've ever seen?

On the other side...

what else, but?
The Four Seasons.


Thank you, Janice. I didn't have any of these toys in the collection....Now I do.

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