Monday, April 12, 2010

'Round Here.....

A couple weekends ago, I took a bunch of pictures of things 'round, here.

It's amazing how many round things you can find when you take a closer look.

So here's a simple, random tour of round, here at our house
The beautiful Spring day - NOT! A whopping 34 degrees!!!

The 1...2...3...4...dial on the old typewriter I bought for Phillip a couple Christmases ago.
The ribbon spool. They don't make 'em like they used to.

An old egg beater gear. Thrifted this a couple of weeks ago. Not only for the patina, but also 
for the red wooden knob and handle. It matches the other red wooden utensils in my kitchen.

I finally scored a vintage Bingo game! I've been looking for one for ages. Yes, they are all over Ebay, but I can't seem to bring myself to pay 3x's the cost of the item for shipping....Or pay upwards of .25 cents each for the numbered markers. Yeah, I guess I really am cheap!!! This one my buddy, Bruce, alerted me to a few days ago. The entire game. Markers, numbers, and all the cards I will ever need. Thanks, Bruce!

A mini-chest of drawers. All of about 16" tall. Eight drawers. Purchased this a few years back for Phillip to store his pirate treasures in. Silver, gold, diamonds, rubies...Yeah, I wish...!

This is one of the side medallions.
Clock Face. This little gem was gifted to me about 6 years ago, by my high school friend and maid of honor, Ginger (who will be my neighbor soon!). Our house had a set of shelves inset in the stairwell wall and she was helping me collect little clocks to fill the shelves with.

The very heavy metal base of my vintage floor lamp. I still need to re-wire it, but I love the patina, the weight and it's milky-white glass lamp shade. I haven't decided if this is going in the guest room or the entry way.

This is the knob of the Fisher Price Happy Birthday music box I got at Sally's last year. I love Fisher Price Toys. I have a little collection of them.....
The top of an old wooden spool I found several years ago.

The rusty old wheel of a race car I found - fun to look at and display in the house.

Keys of the old typewriter.

More of the keys. (Just look at that dust!) That's vintage dust!!! LOL

A round clay plate I found, once upon a time. It has a chip, but I like chips....and salsa...Oh, that's another blog post.....AND....a round wooden game ball. The red line is the only paint left on it. It's very heavy!

A steel egg beater I picked up a couple weekends ago. It has a stamped Pat. April 14, 1863 or 1903 date on it that I can just barely read. I need a magnifying glass...This is the gear end.

This is the beater end.
Not sure if this glass orb is a float or what....It is very thick and has a flat bottom. Do glass floats have flat bottoms? If not, what do you think this was for? Decoration? There isn't any marking.

Lastly, this is my newest acquisition. A vintage scale. I spied it at an antique store here in town the Saturday before last, when Janice and I were bumming around. The store was just about to close, so I put it down and left, not having enough time to ponder it. 

Well, I pondered it all Saturday night, all day Sunday, and all day Monday. I figured it would be gone, but on my way to the grocery store after work, I noticed the store was still open. It closes at 5. It was about 1 minute after. The sign was turned to Closed, but the door was still open. I parked. Popped in. Spied it again. Slapped down a $20. and left with change. Yippee!!!!

I got home. Cleaned it up. Called Janice to tell her about my purchase. Then she chuckled and told me she was going to buy it for me for my sweet of her. 
So instead of gifting me the scale, she surprised me yesterday with an early-pre-birthday gift. Actually, there were FOUR - count them - FOUR gifts...AND she said she has the REAL birthday gift that she's saving to give me on my birthday....! I wanted to wait, and would have waited. I like surprises and have the patience of a mule for getting goodies. Janice, however, has a heart-of-gold and loves to gift-give NOW, NOW, NOW!!! So, I opened all four, tissue wrapped bundles...and you'll never guess what I got......

see ya tomorrow.....

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Amanda said...

What a fun post - love all your round pics!

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