Sunday, April 11, 2010

Creative Space....

Yesterday I continued working on my future creative space. It's a chore, no doubt.

I got somewhat sidetracked (big surprise there!) and cleaned up the laundry room. I have to go through the laundry room to get to the creative room, so why not give it a spiffing up too?!

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to hire a drywall finisher to finish out the drywall on the walls and the ceiling. I know this area used to be the original garage of the original house, and the L-shaped walls to the laundry room were probably built as a barrier to keep the clothes from smelling like exhaust fumes, but now I live here, and we have another garage, and I'd like to see the laundry room finished.
(How's that for a run-on sentence?)
Maybe we should even hire an electrician to put the wiring behind the drywall, before having it finished. The industrial, surface mount look in galvanized conduit....well, it just looks like a temporary laundry room space built inside a garage! AND....I like industrial looking lofts and commercial spaces, but I think this is a bit too tacky - even if I was going for an industrial look!

Onward, as I was in disassemble mode (sidetracked again - I was supposed to be mucking out the room!), I removed the wall-of-shelves that were over the peg board that is over the drywall. Talk about layering....
This section of shelves, though sturdy, are made from particle board. If there's one thing I hate more than MDF, it's particle board! Plus, this wall is where I want the set of three windows to go. I like the look of pegboard - painted a cheery color or white - of course, but I have other plans for this area.

Certainly, the peg board would be more useful and serve as a wonderful wall of tool storage, but my heart is set on the windows! Besides, what else would I do with three windows in one rectangle casement? The loose windows I also scored? That's a gimme. We see them everywhere online. All re-purposed in cute ways. But, this grouping is still in the frame, ready to be built into my creative space/laundry room wall.

Below the pegboard/window wall, is an old workbench. After I removed the shelves, the room looked much larger. Nice! The counter top is - you guessed it - painted (and badly stained and swollen) PARTICLE BOARD!!!! Yippee!!!! More particle board!!!! That will have to be replaced with something....

Butcher block? Galvanized sheeting? Formica? Not tile. I don't like grout lines. Hmmm.... 

Then I noticed the ends of the 2x's ...Could it be???

My minds-eye visualized planks, like an old potting bench, but it was probably just the framework.

With my trusty DeWalt driver in hand 

and many screws later....
Planks all the way - end to end.

Doing the Happy Dance!!!

This baby is gonna get a good sanding, priming and then a few coats of paint. Distressed edges....Oh Yeah!

AND...and here's the best part.....FREE!!!! 
I already have primer and paint - more than I care to admit, actually. I don't have to buy anything!

Do you have solid wood planks under ugly sections of particle board?
Go Fish...
Got what I wanted.......
Happy Days Ahead.


Hopemore Studio said...

Wow, wow, wow, what a project but what a payoff too. A space of your own and with windows (a personal dream of mine). I love that you found the wood planks under the board, such a nice work surface. Keep those pictures coming...I need the inspiration!


Barbara Jean said...

Oh girl! That is one big project, and will be sooo nice when done!
Great that you found the planks under neath the other surface.

I'm in the middle of some big changes at my store. adding another are (8X12) of display, and going to start serving "Tea & Treats" in May!
It will be our second anniversary on May 1st.
I can hardly believe it!

Off to see more!


barbara jean

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