Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, as done as time allowed!

Welcome to our guest room.

A new queen size mattress. 

An old box spring. 

New bedding.

A thrifted head-board 
(given more time, it would be painted white - that's for another day)

A thrifted dresser and nightstand.
(will also get the white treatment with galvanized tops)

An old floor lamp. 

A thrifted basket.

Curtains from our house up in Washington.
(see, it does pay to be a pack rat; they are freshly wrinkled/folded 
from a box in the basement; no time to iron)

Closet doors, cut short to fit over the new carpet. 
(Paint them white or chalkboard? They will not be staying brown either )

New door.
(Will get painted white)

New electrical hardware throughout. White paddle switch. White plugs and outlet covers.
New white ceiling fan with light. New smoke detector.
(Thanks, Honey!)

Now, I'm off to enjoy the Academy Awards!!!!
*** there's new sand-colored carpet too, I just didn't take a photo...AND there's nothing 
on the walls yet, but I have plans for after-after.....

1 comment:

Hopemore Studio said...

I think the room looks fantastic. I had an appointment with a 'stager' today for suggestions on what to remove what to keep and what to remove from our house to put it on the market. She kept saying...keep is simple...I think you have that down, the clean lines and lack of clutter (unlike my house) look so inviting.


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