Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CHARM EXCHANGE revealed.....

I joined a really fun Steampunk Charm Exchange last month and received my box last week.

O.K. So not really the charms I received, but darned near close! 

Each of 13 swappers made 12 charms to exchange + 1 to keep.

This is the charm I made to swap.

Each one had a different with a ruler # and one had a spring instead of a key.

I ran out of time, but didn't want to bail on everyone.

So, I hustled and made these at work one morning.

I kind of feel bad, after I saw all the time the other "charmers" put into them.

But at least I didn't flake-out. That would have been totally and completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Haven't had time to take photos and post them, but here are a couple of the other swappers and hostess' blog to drool over....

Hostess: Christine - I Poked a Badger with a Spoon - how cute and original is that name?!!!

Swapper: Angie - Hopemore Studio
Swapper: Cinnibonbon 
There were many other swappers, but these were the one's with picture posts....



Barbara Jean said...

this charm is too cute!!
I'm sure they were all wonderful.
And good for you for finishing what you committed to do. Our busy lives make that hard some times. And I have a tendency to get excited and sign up for things and think "why on earth did I do that? I don't have time for what I am already doing!!"

Great your big project is done except for delivery.

off to see what else is new. thanks for links

barb said...

That charm is so cute!
Also, I wanted to let you know that you will be featured tomorrow in my weekly "Featured Followers Friday" post.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Amazing charms. I posted all of the ones I received today. I can't wait to get them put together on a chain. Thanks for your cute contribution, Pam

Becky Shander said...

Great charm...especially if the number on the tape is a 9 which happens to be one of my lucky numbers.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for saying hi - I'm glad to have connected.


Hey there...
Thanks for the shout out! You know, I didn't want to say this but I will after reading this post. I thought what the heck---Your charm was my favorite and this is why. It reminded me of my father!!! What- how can that be, you ask? The tiny ruler--it was something like one I clearly remember my dad using!!!! It just evokes certain memories and I loved it for that. And now that I know that I'm the one that got the ONLY one with the spring!!! I love it even more. ANagin. Thanks so much, please know that I will cherish it truly!

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