Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 20, 2012

Yes. I know today is November 1, 2012.

But, I've been bursting with news to share on my blog and want to be sure to note the date,
October 20, 2012 ... the date I first heard THE NEWS!!!

I'm gonna be a grandma! Yep!!! A Grandma...

Glammy? Grandma? Grandmother? Non? Nana? Grammy? Gramma Tina?

That was fast! An empty nest at the first of October, then a grandparent-to-be less than 3 weeks later!!!

Our middle son, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Yosi, who lives in NYC are expecting
May 14, 2013.

Kyle is in the Army and will most likely face deployment in January 2013, but we are hopeful that things work out in their favor....He just recently returned from a one-year deployment to S. Korea, and that felt like forever!

There are still a lot of variables and details yet to work themselves out, but if his dad and I are any watermark of beating the odds and nay-sayers of a young relationship, they will be fine!

They are over-the-moon with excitement. Her family is full of excitement. I'm chock full of emotion. I am full of many adjectives actually, but "full of emotion" seems to cover them all!!!

They are hoping to come home in December for the holidays so we can officially meet Yosi and see the "belly"!

A baby... A BABY!!! A little Schiefer grandson or granddaughter...WOW!!!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Congrats to them and you, Grandma Tina! Grandma Tina...really?? look way too young to be a grandma!!

Hopemore Studio said...

OMG what fun!! I can understand the full range of emotions, especially having them so far away and the deployment on the horizon. I believe with my whole heart that these military families are strong and these two (soon three) will prevail.

You and Philip have so much to offer them in love and support.

So can you share the due date?

Lexi said...

Oh my goodness! What wonderfully joyful news!!! Congrats Tina!!!! You're gonna be the coolest Nonni ever!!!

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