Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Comments from the Peanut Gallery....

Welcome to this week's feature on 

ICE Resin Creative Team Wednesday. 

Every month, each of us on the Creative Team are given a challenge to create from a box of goodies received from ICE Resin. A recent theme was Mixed Metals.

Oh yeah! I love me some metal, that's for sure. So with that rolling around my head and a new Bezeled Ring in my hand, I created a fun, interactive piece aptly titled:

Comments from the Peanut Gallery...

Here's my story.... 

With our Creative Team challenge of Mixed Metals, I’ve embellished an old vinegar bottle with all-sorts of mixed metal bits and bobs. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Rusty.

When I first laid eyes on the SLK Bezeled Ring, the texture reminded me of a peanut shell. That was my jumping off point. Using my smooth jaw jeweler's pliers, I gently bent the ring into a peanut shape using the actual peanut shell as my form. The interior of the 1/2 shell had such a beautiful, naturally stippled color, that I simply cast resin into it and let the resin work its magic!

The bezel portion of the ring was filled with thickened resin and fitted with a children's "fat" pencil I found at a dollar store. I cut the pencil very short to represent a pencil that has been worn to down to a nub from a lifetime of comments from the peanut gallery. You know the ones…funny, sarcastic, off-color…sometimes welcomed, sometimes not. We’ve all stuck our foot in our mouth from time to time. We’ve all been part of the peanut gallery!

True to my nature of using cast-offs, the pencil and the bottle were embellished with a sewn brown waxed paper bag leftover from a friends cookie exchange party.

With brown Staz On stamped words like "two-cents, wisecracks, opinion, input and remarks" and paper sealed letters spelling out P. E. A. N. U. T ., the theme is further enhanced. I coated the top portion of the bottle to create a bit of texture.

Adding to the silly-ness, an oval hobnail bezel fitted with the word Hinkey dangles from the rusty chicken wire. I first heard the word Hinkey in the movie The Fugitive. Its slang definition means ‘strange or unusual’. Perfect - as our family is a bit unusual. We are a HUGE movie watching family and we are constantly quoting various scripts in our day-to-day conversations. So when I found the words in an old music book –

- Hinkey Dinkey Parlez Vous -

I simply used my new SLK oval template and the fitting was easy!

I have begun filling the bottle with small fortunes and my hope is that over time, the bottle will be filled to the brim with fortunes, small notes, and other such fun tidbits!

If I wore jewelry, the peanut/pencil could easily be wire wrapped and turned into a cute necklace too!

I'm guessing I’d get at least a few random comments...

ba da boom! :-)

SLK supplies can be found online at  - ICE Resin; Bezeled Ring SLK611; Bronze Wire; Oval Hobnail Bezel SLK612; Circle Collage Template (oval shape)

Be sure to visit the ICE Resin website regularly to see what my creative teammates are up to. There's a huge variety of jewelry and mixed media going on!


Hopemore Studio said...

I love this!! It perfectly fits with your sense of humor. I have no doubt in a house full of boys there were plenty of peanut gallery comments. I try to remember to write down all the goofy stuff my kids say now so one day I can remind them (when they get all grown up and serious) that they used to be a crack up.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Love your Peanut Gallery!

Tina Schiefer said...

Angie..absolutely! On both accounts. Write them down, cause they WILL begin to fall off the conveyor belt!!! At the Thanksgiving table is our official Peanut Gallery Fest...Always brings us together for a good laugh.

Jack/Cat...thanks! This was a fun project.

Katalina Jewelry said...

Very clever project, Tina! I'd love to read some of those comments - I can always use a good laugh!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Awesome Tina !!! Xox

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