Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.....

Well, I think I've found a new medium...right up my alley....Annie Sloan Chalk PAINT!!!

I am most comfortable with a paint brush in my hand. Not in a fine art sort of a way, but more in it just feel good to dab, plop, stroke, brush kind of a way...

Even with ICE Resin. It's designed to pour and cast, but I love when it's on the tip on a brush!

Even with Mod Podge.

Even with frosting.

It just feel natural to me. I couldn't paint a landscape or portrait to save my soul, but I love playing with color and texture and dimension.

I HATE foam brushes. They smear. They leave bubbles. They bloat. They fall apart.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to attend an Annie Sloan workshop in San Francisco for her 1-of-8 city tour, I jumped at the chance...

Janice and Ginger jumped too! So, we road-tripped it to San Fran and played in some paint on Monday!

Annie was VERY down-to-earth. She was REAL, if you know what I mean. As she demo'd, she paused from time to time to re-think things, just like I do when I do demo's. She played it by ear.

I loved how she just kept pushing home that there is NO wrong way to play and be creative. Just jump in and have fun. It's only paint!!! It can be sanded. It can be re-painted. It can be FUN! Just relax and have FUN!!!

...and that's what we did! Had fun.

Here we are waiting for the bus...well, Ginger and Janice...I'm BEHIND the, camera...

Ginger and I thrifted at the Goodwill prior to the trip to find us each a paint shirt in OUR colors...

Janice=lime green    me=red     Ginger=purple  

Let me tell you, men's shirts are really comfy!

Ginger and Janice had a little fun painting each other in class...and even the "neighbors" got in on it!

I painted mine a bit too...a swatch of Old White and some Provence Blue lines with a couple thumb-prints...Once dry, the white swatch was the perfect signature space for Annie to perfect in fact, she was delighted by the were a few others in the class...white swatches for EVERYONE!!! Not really, but a few anyway... :-)

Annie even signed my sample board...

As always, I played outside-the-box and went left!

The paint is great. The wax is interesting. A new way of thinking, but with fabulous results...I'm even seriously considering becoming a retail partner so I can sell it and "share" the magic at the Rusty Monkey...Come On, Rusty Monkey...Not too much longer!!!



Vicki Shoemaker said...

GREAT Post about a wonderful glad you all made it!! Thanks for sharing!

janet said...

Three crazy gals...I loved this!

janet xox
The Empty Nest

Cathy said...

It was GREAT to meet you all during break and lunch! Looking forward to hearing amazing things about Rusty Monkey :) - Cathy

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