Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yeah, I'm adding to one of my collections.

Little vintage metal cars...and trucks...and tractors...and trailers...

These are smaller versions than the Matchbox or Hot Wheels sized vehicles, but not as small as the tiny Micro-Machines. Can you tell I raised three boys? And we are a family of vintage rides?

I think the collection began with a little Jeep, like my Wrangler. Then, I found a 60's series Corvette, in honor of Phillip's vette. Next, was a Red Volkswagen...and now a matching blue one. Bugs are SO cute!!!

My first ride project was a Tequila Sunrise painted Baja Bug...I was still in high school and Phillip was working at a custom auto body shop. He surprised me with a new paint job...bright yellow front, fading to orange, then to burnt orange and finally bright cherry red across the back...It was gorgeous...and a LONG process putting it all back together with all new parts...we had boxes and boxes of shiny new VW parts at the ready...Sadly, we sold it before we got to have any fun with it...I found out I was preggers with Ty about a year after high school and as does happen in many baby-on-the-way scenarios, we let it go.

Three boys later, they've all driven a bug or two...maybe someday, we'll build another Baja for fun. But, honestly, we have a little red VW Manx, street-legal dune buggy and that's just as much, if not more, fun...I think!


The purple Jeep was just recently acquired. I thought it was a Jeep Comanche truck, but Phillip assured me it's really a Jeep his, but without the hard-shell top. O.k., now I see it!!!

Going a bit more vintage, is this little buggy. Reminds me of an antique milk delivery truck. The previous owner had a little fun with some finger-nail polish. Maybe they saw it more as an ambulance?

I love the little details...see the tiny man in the driver's seat?

He's taking it out for a stroll over a prop peanut butter cup...yeah, we all have fake candy just lying around, right? lol

Hope you are having fun with whatever collection strikes your fancy...I SO love collecting....



Hopemore Studio said...

These remind me so much of the little cars we played with at my grandmom's house. I'm sure my mother has inherited them and, in true collector style, she never gets rid of anything.

Katalina Jewelry said...

OK, Tina...confession many collections do you have? I'm guessing too many to mention! Love the cars but darn it - I'm craving chocolate and peanut butter!

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