Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby, It's Gettin' Cold Outside..!

Just the other day it began getting chilly in the morning and chilly in the evening, but 70 in the afternoon.
But, it's getting cold out now. The sign flashing across the street says it's 29!!! Yeah. That's cold!!!

The freeway was dusted with snow and frost. The car thermometer said it was 28.

Maybe not as cold as my blogger friends that are up in Michigan or Montana, but for little 'ol So. chilly hands and red nose aren't making comparisons between 28 and -12.
(the water fountain last year in front of my favorite Mexican Restaurant)

When the snow starts falling, I'm all up for a snow day.

Some time up in the mountains making snow angels, drinking some hot cocoa from my vintage, red plaid Thermos, and throwing some snowballs at those I love...Watch it, boys!

Maybe even build a snowman! I bought this old pipe just for that reason.... Come on, SNOW!!!

Maybe we can even try some ice skating this year. Never been, except in my dreams. That re-occuring dream where I skate like an Olympian doing twists and turns, jumps and spins.
Yeah, that is a fun dream, but reality would be stand, wobble, twist an ankle, fall and break an arm, leg or hip.

Not being negative, just...well, let's just say, I don't have the best balance and coordination on skates...inline or all eight. I can't imagine blades. Skinny. Little. Blades. I've tried snow skiing and water skiing, and it wasn't a pretty sight!!

At any rate. STAY WARM, where ever you are. And to those enjoying the warm tropical islands right now....have fun decorating your palm trees, make a sand angel, and enjoy sipping your blue coconut beverage with the cute little umbrella... xoxoxo



Katalina Jewelry said...

I'm just not quite ready for the cold! shiver! shiver! I do love that photo of the icy fountain, least the snowy/icy cold makes everything look magical!

Hopemore Studio said...

The pipe is super cute, the skates are too. I used to spend hours skating on the ponds as a child in our Chicago suburb. Now I'm pretty sure that would result in broken bones and hospital bills.

Wishing you snowflakes!

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