Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Officially Spring....

or is it?
I've been freezing ALL day!!!

Summer will be here soon enough 
and then I'll be complaining about how hot it is.
Am I never happy?

Yes, most times, I'm happy-go-lucky and pretty positive, 
but today I'm just cold.

I've had a cup of hot tea, but what I REALLY, 
REALLY want is a cup of mocha.


I'm trying like the Dicken's to kick that craving.

There's a whole ton of fat in those little, satisfying drinks that I keep going to my favorite local drive-thru coffee stand to get. Even without the whipped cream topping, which I gave up saying "yes" to.


my favorite local drive-thru coffee stand loves to share with their customers..
little espresso beans covered in yummy goodness...

So, in honor of Spring, I'm sharing my "beans" with you instead...

....see, I haven't eaten them for at least THREE visits!!!


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