Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sew Green....

After this melted recently, I was taking A.J. to school and 
after dropping him off, I just happened to stop at a yard sale.

That's what I say..."I just happened to stop." 
Like the vehicle just pulled over and WOW! THERE'S A SALE GOING ON!!!
Anyway, I bought a couple little things, nothing to blog about really. 

BUT then....

as I was walking over to pay my whole $3.00 tab, 
this was being wheeled out...
(sorry for the not-so-great photos, 
but they were taken in the garage with my phone)

The tag sale guy loaded it up into the back of the car
and I got to unload it and roll it drag it across the
gravel driveway.

No small feat, I tell you. Do you know HOW HEAVY these things are?

I clearly had NO clue.

The yard sale guy didn't seem to break a sweat at all.

So after dragging two deep ruts in the gravel, I got it in the garage.

I opened it. And the angels wept!
This thing is gorgeous!!!

It came with a leather pulley strap.

Needs a good cleaning and a bit of machine oil, but it works like a charm.

There were some needles and modern thread in the drawer, 
so who knows how recently it was being used.

Not sure I really needed a vintage treadle sewing machine,
but who knows...I might feel so inclined to sew-green!

Happy Finding!!!

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

Oh my goodness! That is awesome!! What a find. Thanks so much for visiting and you super sweet comments:) We used to live in Portland and hope, hope, hope we can make it back soon! BTW your day job is amazing! How cool is that??

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