Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have a thing....

for baby shoes...

I know that's random and all, 
but there's just something about their diminutive
size that just makes me smile.

I have a growing collection. 
These are just a few I recently found at one of 
my local thrifting haunts.

You know how I just love rust...
well, this little pair of leathers 
has spots of rust.

These were well loved.

I think it adds character!
And how about this pair.

I've never seen this type before. 
The leather sole wraps all the way around to the back.

Guess, I don't get out much....ha ha!
And speaking of character and babies...

I never did share the "airport" photo of Kyle coming home for 
the holidays...I cried like a BABY when I saw him!!!
I miss him tremendously, but I am proud at the same time...

He has a couple more months of Intel training, then we'll see what
news that brings...sigh.


Suztats said...

No wonder Momma is proud! That's one wonderful 'Baby'!

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh my he looks SO grown up, gives me shivers.

The baby shoes make me chuckle, I only have one pair, they were mine and my mother had them bronzed...now seriously what am I supposed to do with those?

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