Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A License Plate Collection...

NOTE: linking up today to Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special.

So, this may not TECHNICALLY be wall art, but it made me think of Donna!


I've read that if you have at least three of something, 
you can call it a collection.

Well, then....

I guess, a collection I have.

 This sweet little black and white baby was "gifted" to me by my friend Janice. 

The 66 is the year my sweetheart was born!

She just had a big 'ol box of license plates sitting in her garage for years. 
She inherited them from her husband when they got married.

Of course, when I spied them, with ooohs and ahhhs, 
she was kind enough to let me take my pick.

Janice is just like that! 
She will drive MILES out of her way, just to bring me a mid-day mocha.

The world needs MORE Janice's, let me tell ya!

Well, pick I did. 
How ever could I pass these up?

These are SO my colors lately.

Don't you just LOVE the reverse colors?

British Columbia - circa 1959 - clearly had good taste!

But, even though I'm in a blue/brown/ivory phase right now, 
my all-time stand-by, RED, still rocks!!!

I love this one for its rusty patina and the fact that it has the letter T.

...and then there's this one.

This one I found a while ago.

I LOVE the fact that it has the letter P and the letter T -
together, like Phillip and me.

A 19 - the age I was when our first son was born.

...and 4.2.3. - my birthday month and day....

So, admittedly, I have a thing for numbers and letters, who doesn't?

AND I know our imaginations can read anything into numerology 
to fit our needs, but this one hit close to home.

This is the day, month, year, my littlest sister was married. 
This is NOT her plate - she doesn't even live in Oregon,
but I text her the photo!

I'm weird that way, I guess...

 Then there's this door plate.

It was our room number when we stayed in Frisco last month.


Yep! 510.

The FAVORITE number of our son, Ty.

You see, he drives a vintage Datsun 510 with a personalized license plate that says
"JNY 510" 

A play on words for Johnny 5 - the robot in the movie Short Circuit.

Even more interesting....
the first time he registered the car,
his tags were May (5) and expired in 2010 (10).
He just loved that!

I guess the apple doesn't far fall from the tree!


Barbara Jean said...

hey girl! Great to see you!

Off to read more.
hugs and blessings
barbara jean

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Ohhhh, LOVE the British Columbia plates! What amazing colours! What a compliment that these lovely things reminded you of ME! :)


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