Friday, February 18, 2011

A "YOU-NIQUE" Sneak Peek.....

Just a sneak peek of a project of mine being featured 
in the APRIL 2011 issue of 

To say I'm excited, would be an understatement.

 This project is SO personal to me.

ALL about my THREE SCHIEFER boys.


Life's Journey. 
Days we'll never forget.

Ain't that the truth....?


I almost forgot, o.k. I didn't forget really, 
I just didn't have the time to share...

...BUT I did, I swear, give GREAT THANKS immediately 


John of Meyer Imports

I created last year for my blog friend, Angie.

Angie, at Hopemore Studio is VERY, VERY creative 
and it has been fun getting to know her online this last year.
While your over visiting her blog, cause I just know you're curious,
be sure to visit her Etsy store too!!!
Be sure to visit Meyer Imports too. 

They have a fun blog and great store for all things glittery...



Hopemore Studio said...

Sooo excited, thanks for the sneak peek!


Patina Marie said...

Thanks for the comment. I corrected the type-o. The world will never know...LOL

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