Monday, March 28, 2011

A Link Close to our Hearts and In our Minds...

When we heard of the news of the earthquake and following Tsunami, 
our first thoughts were "who's over there working on the park?" 

Tokyo Disney Seas and  Tokyo Disney Resort, that is.

Immediately, we started naming of a list of people we 
work with on a regular basis.
Although, several were there, fortunately, 
no one we know was injured or was missing.

However, I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation and grief of the whole situation - even after watching the news footage and plethora of online uploads that followed that tragic day. 

It looked just like an action-adventure movie, but this was REAL! 
Real people. Real homes. Real businesses. REAL LIFE!

As I was surfing this morning for images within the parks for projects we've worked on, I just lost interest after seeing more of the damage 
and reading more.

One touching post I did find is below:

Even though, it's so far away, it's still close to home....

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