Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in the details....

On a recent business trip to San Francisco, we took a break 
and toured the aquarium at the Wharf.

We've visited several aquariums over the years - Tacoma, Long Beach, Monterey, Maui but I'm still in awe of the detail the creatures have. 

The colors. The shapes. The textures.

Working in a business that is always trying to "fake" it (see day job link)
I love to see the REAL thing in all it's natural glory.

These jelly fish were stunning! 

I could sit and watch them all day...

I absolutely LOVE the contrast of them against the dark blue.

 When we were in the "tunnel" under the sea, this guy was above us.

So pretty.

Another star from below.

Kind of surreal.

 Man, don't mess with this guy.

Just look at him...I think he's a kingpin in the mob or something!

"Pucker up and gimme a kiss...."

Such detail.

I love the turtles.... 

and they love each other!

 ...and what the heck kind of creature is this?

Oh, that's a rare, tinabowbina in it's natural habitat!

That was a tight squeeze to get under there - it's meant for kids - but  I think everyone should act like a kid from time to time! 

We won't mention the McDonald's Playland experience a few years back...
See. I wasn't the only one...

My sweetie.

So happy to watch the penny go round 'n round 'n round...
xo xo

1 comment:

Barbara Jean said...

Great pictures and looks like lots of fun!!
Glad you got to relax a bit.


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