Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Shoes, Crystal Frogs, Diamond Earrings.....

What do all these things have in common, you ask?

Well....these were my birthday presents from my sweetie!

I have NEVER, ever worn PINK shoes! My tennis shoes have always been some shade of white with blue or solid white. Well, I guess at 41, it's ok to change things up a bit and be in the land of pink. Girly girl stuff!!!

Next up, is this cute little guy. He's the sweetest bug-eyed Swarovski crystal frog. His new home is in the same cabinet as my baby shoes. That's where I keep all my little "treasures". Including my dead bugs, dried leaves, sticks, rocks and shells collection...That's a whole other post! Same cabinet - different shelf!

And for the finale....drum roll please.....

These babies! My new princess cut diamond earrings! Wow! Double Wow, Actually!!!
You see, my honey already bought me the most beautiful white gold & diamond earrings for Valentine's Day 2002. I wore them almost exclusively for years! Taking them out only to clean them.

Well, I took them out and fastened them together by interlocking the posts and backs. I put them "somewhere" safe and for the last year, I've been earring-less! They are forever lost in my house, I think???? I've looked everywhere I can possibly think they may be. I don't even remember where I took them out or where I put them. I can only remember that I linked them together. I can only take solace in knowing they are together somewhere - even though I'd rather be there too!

I'll admit, I've been punishing myself that I don't deserve another pair of diamond earrings. Sure, I have a few pairs of those little ones, but NOT like my Valentine's diamonds. Those were my favorite!

So, what does he do? He goes and buys me a new pair. Not like my other pair. These are different. Princess Cut set in yellow gold this time around. I am SO afraid to lose them. Can the backs of earrings be welded in place???

I've always been pretty rough on my jewelry. I almost lost a black hills gold necklace because the clasp wasn't clasped properly. Luckily, I found it in my shirt.

Then there's the beautiful heart shaped locket - well, I slept in it the day I got it, and the chain clasp rolled around and dented the face.

Most of my rings are misshappen.

I'm just NOT a jewelry girl.

I work hard. I play hard. What can I say? Except, THANK YOU Phillip for giving me a second chance. I love you.

OH, I almost forgot....

The red, white and blue room treasure.

Isn't it cooooool! This is just perfect for that room. It's first grade level sheet music from 1943.

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