Monday, April 13, 2009

Hind Sight is 20/20.

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It's amazing how hind sight is 20/20! We just get too busy sometimes to see the signs!

Today, was the perfect example. SIGNS. CLEAR SIGNS! I just wasn't paying attention!!!

As I was putting my shoes on this morning, I was talking to Wonka. He was laying in front of the fireplace and he seemed really kind of sad. Melancholy, really. He didn't perk up. Just lay there with his head down, barely moving his eyes up to look at me.

So, I decided he should go to work with me. Down the stairs and into the back of the Jeep he went. He wasn't his normal self. Hopefully, getting out would cheer him up.

As we were driving into town, I noticed he didn't smell like his normal self and I thought I'd make him a grooming appointment today.

I pulled into my parking spot and he immediately started whining. Wonka talks, but never whines! I told him to be patient while I gathered my things out of the passenger seat. Then I opened the back and out he bounded. More like himself. I told him to "go potty" before we went in for the day. He went. We went in.

In the building, hardly long enough to put my things down and walk out to say good morning to everyone, I turned to walk back into my office and then I noticed a few little surprises on the warehouse concrete floor! OH NO!!! WONKA! NO!!!! You must not be feeling good, buddy!

THEN, the BIG, SURPRISE!!! Right there on the carpet!!!! NO!!!! AND Eewww! The smell!!!! POOR WONKA!

Fortunately, the concrete cleaned up easily and the carpet squares (what a bonus!) pulled up easily, scrubbed clean, and replaced! Good as new!

Next, I had the only humane, yet gross, duty of cleaning him up and at lunch, Phillip and I took him home.

SIGNS! Phillip and I have been having to get up around 1:30 a.m. over the weekend to let him out. He NEVER needs to be let out after bed til morning. Phillip says he saw him eating some grass this weekend.

SIGNS! Grass Eating Dog. Mopey Dog. Smelly Dog. Whiney Dog.

Hind sight IS 20/20. Unfortunately, sometimes we just don't recognize the signs until they become SIGNS! We'll be keeping an eye on him. Hopefully, it's just a bad rawhide bone or maybe he ate cat food!??? I'm hoping that's all it is. He's up on all his shots and his monthly tick and heart worm meds.

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