Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Treasure Hunter's WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!

Apparently, I'm VERY emotional today. Must be hormones.

Last night after work, Phillip and I stopped by our local S.Army to pick up one of the larger "treasures" I found the day before and while there I spyed the cutest, little, old red scooter I've ever seen. Chippy red paint. REAL steel, not plastic. Four little white tires. SO stinking cute.

I had enough S.Army receipts to get $10.00 off my next purchase and the little scooter was only $7.95!!! Yes, $7.95!!!!. BUT, it was after 5 pm. The store was still open, but they don't tally receipts after 5. SO, STUPID ME, asked the manager to hold it in the back warehouse and I'd be back in the morning so we could tally the receipts.


I woke up SO excited about getting the scooter. I had even called my friend Janice and told her all about how she would be able to get the CUTEST pictures ever of her new grandson once he was toddling. Him shirtless. In little blue denim Osh Kosh overalls. With the Scooter!


I should have known. I should have just bought it right then and there! $7.95!!!! BUT, NO!!! STUPID, STUPID ME!!! I'd just go back in the morning and get it for FREE!!!

10 am. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. I park. Go in. Say Hi to the clerk. SMILE BIG. HAPPY, HAPPY. Tell him I'm here to pick up my little treasure sitting in the warehouse.

He tells me he saw someone walking around with it!!!! My heart literally sinks!

I briskly walk around the store. The manager tells me someone put it out and it's sitting over by the bed frames. I race over. NO SCOOTER. Another clerk says he thinks it got sold this morning - within the last HOUR!!!!

I go up to the other cashier, by the front door. She says she didn't sell it.

The suspense is killing me. I'm feverishly looking.....

Then a Treasure Hunter's WORST NIGHTMARE is confirmed!!!!

"Yeah. The little red scooter. $7.95. I just sold it to a guy this morning." They've only been open an hour! AND it was supposed to have been in the warehouse - waiting for ME! Not that I'm more deserving than someone else, but I thought I had made arrangements. AND I really wanted Janice to be able to use it as a photo prop.

I got many a "sorry, someone must have put it out this morning". But that still didn't heal the pain.

STUPID, STUPID ME. I should have bought it last night.

I came into work and went upstairs to Phillip's office. SMILING! Then I immediately broke down crying huge alligator tears. WOW! I wasn't expecting that!!!

Yes, I am disappointed, but REALLY? To tears???

Moral of the story: If you spy a treasure that tugs at your heart strings, get it. GET IT NOW!!! It won't be there tomorrow! AND sometimes EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR IT and make arrangements to pick it up later, IT MAY GET RE-SOLD and NOT BE THERE ANYMORE!
This happened to me once before in Washington. Bought a wonderfully comfortable antique chair, paid for it, came back just a few hours later with the truck and it was re-sold and GONE!!!

I don't remember if I cried then as well......?

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