Thursday, April 16, 2009

They grow up SO fast!

It's amazing how fast they grow. Those boys of mine.

I remember when my mom used to say that about us three girls and how it was so sad when we moved out. I used to think that she was just crazy for feeling that way and how I'd be totally ok when my boys grew up, became men and moved out into the world.

Well, let me tell you. When Ty first moved away to Texas, I was just coming back from a scrapbooking retreat with the scrap girlfriends. Ty had waited for me, on my way home, at the AM/PM to say goodbye. My friends saw first-hand how sad I was to see him go. His Jeep packed to the gills with all his earthly belongings. This was worse than when he went off to tech school in Sacramento. Of course, now he is living back home (in his own 5th wheel that he is paying on every month) after experiencing adulthood for the first time. It's a scary world out there!

Then there's Kyle. He's in Idaho. Far, far away!!! I miss him a ton! Granted, he isn't in the basement bedroom running up the electric bill playing video games or surfing the net, but I miss him still! He is taking a "break" from school at the moment and working at Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble. I wish he was home too, but I know he's independent and headstrong enough to make whatever he does in life work for him. Sacrifices and all.

Lastly, there's A.J. He's a Freshman in high school. Still needing prompting to do his homework. The challenge right now is to get and keep a "B" average in order to get his license. He's growing up fast too! The last of my little guys. Where did the time go? He's off doing more and more with friends too. Dates to the movies. Dinners. Lunches. After school activities.

Last weekend, he went off snowboarding in Shasta with his friend, Chris. No mommy. No daddy. He borrowed Ty's board and off he went. I was worried to death! What if....he fell. Hit his head. Broke his leg. His arm. What if.... I was SO relieved when he called from Chris' house ready to be picked up. WHEW! I survived another "son" adventure that I wasn't in control of.

That's A.J. in the CAMO pants!

It's tough being a mom. Tougher than anything else I've ever done. I worry too much sometimes. I'm too over-protective sometimes. I "what-if" the boys to death sometimes. I'm just a mom. Just like my mom!

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Layla said...

Hey there!

Thanks for the comment over at my blog. Funny you should mention the "label" thing...Trust Company (his band) was signed to Geffen Records for years, but now, they're trying to stay as far away from labels as they can! :-)
They'll release their next album on their own website. Woo hoo! $

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