Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You're Going The Wrong Way!!!!!

Janice and I took a field trip up to Eugene a couple of weekends ago. A girls' treasure hunting getaway, if you will. We chatted, laughed, ate, walked, talked, mosey'd, snacked, shopped, explored, got lost and got yelled at by some young guys telling us we were going the wrong way onto a two-way street! What nerve of those guys! Funny, in hindsight, but not so funny at the time you are turning onto a "new" road.

We've all turned the wrong way onto a one-way street. That instant you realize you're going the wrong way. The panic that evokes its ugly head. Then, the feeling of embarassment - OOOPS! Turns to nervous laughter "that was stupid". Next, to blame "that should have been marked better". Finally, "I can't believe I was that dumb!" A full range of emotions.

So, when those guys in the oncoming truck yelled that at us, we both began the emotional roller coaster....then, we realized there was a double yellow line to the left of our lane separating the other two oncoming lanes from ours. Way to go boys, you pulled a good prank on two complete strangers!

During our treasure hunting adventure, we drove up the 5 freeway to a little town named Coburg. We drove down to the antique district. As it was Sunday, most were closed, but we got to see a bunch of eye-candy at a couple of the others. Expensive treasures! Not in my budget! Found a ton of fun stuff, just not at fun prices! I think at least half of the thrill of finding a treasure is finding one at a good price. I know, I know, this is their business and they need to make money, but I'm just not their target buyer, I guess.

I did however NOT leave empty handed from this cute little 'burb. I got THIS treasure for FREE - AND we all know FREE is the best price EVER!!!!

This door is too, too cool. Just look at the patina. The old. The wear and tear. The age.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again and again.... I love OLD and unusual......

Now, I'm just wondering what's behind that door? A zillion things come to mind.....

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