Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some More of OUR Four-Letter Word....

Like I said before, the house is in an ever-changing state of dis-repair and repair.

Here are a couple in-progress shots.
This is the beginning of the ceiling just inside the front porch.

Here it is done. Well, not really, done, DONE, but at least with the tongue and groove wood put up on the entire ceiling in there. I need to prime. Then paint it the creamy white to match the back of the door and side lights. Then I get to find the perfect light fixture. This ceiling is about 2 feet higher than the rest of the house, so maybe a chandelier??? But, not one that has a ton of glass baubles....

This is our front door and side lights. I scored the side lights for $25 each. $50!!! The brand new door cost me $300. Granted, we need to make custom trim, but $350? That would barely have gotten us a metal or fiberglass door. I actually took these photos before the outside porch was complete, but you get the idea. Phillip and I will be making a custom-fit screen door that fits with the outside trim and doesn't block the open-ness of the full glass door.

This is the small light fixture we chose for the back door. We bought two larger ones (same exact look) for each side of the side lights. The porch is also wired for a ceiling fan. Just still need to find the perfect one. Oooooh....I getta' go shopping!!!!

Lastly, here is the "rock" we've chosen for the retaining walls and the base of the porch. The colors look SO nice with the Western Alder stain, creamy white trim, the surrounding forest, and the clay soil/decomposed granite of the exposed mountain.

Lots to do, but we are going in the right direction.

Stay tuned tomorrow. I found a couple of fun treasures!!!!

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