Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Man. How I miss that man of mine.....

Yup, it might sound completely mushy - especially after this many years, but I MISS him SOOOOOO much!!!!!

He's been gone since Thursday and won't be home until Friday. I miss, miss, miss him.

I think I take it for granted how much we are actually together and how great that feeling is. It's just a natural place to be. So when we're apart, it's torture. Sure, a couple days here and there are tolerable, but a whole week!? Why is it, when we are on vacation for a whole week, it just flies by. But, a week apart seems to take forever!

We always tease that we've "goosed". Like geese. They mate for life. We are definately life'rs.

Until then.....Honey, I can't wait to see you.

But, it's probably a good thing he is gone, 'cause I've pretty much been sick this whole week. Chest cold, head cold, whatever. Just plain yucky. Tonight is the best I've felt so far.

This is my last day being 40! I survived it! I put on my "big girl panties" and got over it! Tomorrow I'll be onto a fresh, new year. 41. FORTY-ONE! I really can't believe it. They say women come into their own and have the time of their lives during their 40's. So far, so good! No mid-life crisis for me. I'm living in a great place. Have a great family. Love my awesome husband. AND I already have a little red sports car - and my Jeep! What's to have a crisis about???? Life's good!

***footnote*** Just thought I'd share a strange thing about my Big Girl Panties post from last April 2008. It is the highest ranking post on my blog. Funny, but it seems to get the most traffic online. Panties Fans. Who knew????

Photo: New Year's Eve 2008 at home

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